Photo: Discussions of One World

diskusie jedného sveta

However, One World - documentary film festival finished for the public, we carry on screening films for the schools this week. Besides watching of documentaries which often made you and also us a bit frustrated, there were also discussions going on. People and experts had chances (and they used them) to to debate about main themes of the festival - nationalism, public space, civil activism, nature protection or handicapped travelling theatre actors. And not only about them but also with them. Here are short photo reports from two discussions.

photo: dusand

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    Presne o takýchto veciach sa debatovalo v sobotu. O umiestňovaní, jemne povedané, diskutabilných sôch do verejných priestorov.
    V sobotu som náhodou bol s kamarátmi na výlete v Rajci a presne pri tej soche sme sa zastavili. Ani by ma nenapadla takáto spojitosť..


  2. nechce sa mi verit, ze sa Rajec “chvali” Tisom a Durcanskym… to tam vazne nikoho ineho nemali? nemam slov….

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