August Program

1 - 31 Aug | Wed | 18.00 | Stanica


Yoga in the park

We continue our open yoga classes in the park every Wednesday in all weather - until mid-September - led by instructors from Žilina Shanti Centre.

Admission: 6 euros


3 Aug | Tue | 20.30 | Stanica

Summer cinema


The main weapon of the hero of the action sci-fi spectacle by film visionary Christopher Nolan is a single word. TENET. In the dark world of international espionage, he fights to save the entire world.

Tenet / Christopher Nolan / USA, UK / 2020 / 150 min. / English + Czech subtitles

Admission: 5 euros


4 Aug | Wed | 16.00 | Nová synagóga


Creative Summer - [SK]

A free seminar combined with a workshop of the national project for high school and university students, young entrepreneurs and anyone with a desire to innovate. It is implemented by the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency.

Admission: FREE


5 Aug | Thu | 20.00 | Nová synagóga


AMC Trio feat. Samuel Marinčák [New Generation]

Jazz concert from the new project series New Generation, which aims to connect art with education.  It also includes Workshops for young musicians and joint Jam Sessions. AMC Trio is a band with its own language, style, and that makes it recognizable and special. The trio will be accompanied by Samuel Marinčák, who is one of the most outstanding jazz guitar talents in Slovakia.

Admission: 5 euros


7 Aug | Sat | 10.00 | Nová synagóga


Vrba-Wetzler Memorial 2021 [SK]

Instead of the traditional 130-kilometre walking march "In the footsteps of heroes", the community and supporters of the Vrba-Wetzler Memorial will meet in the village of Skalité and in Žilina. The highlight of the day-long programme will be the opening of the reconstructed cellar on Hollého Street, where Vrba and Wetzler wrote their report on the murders after their escape from Auschwitz. Detailed information about the day's programme at

Admission: FREE


7 Aug | Sat | 20.00 | Nová synagóga


Miroslav Tóth: Black Angels Songs

An exceptional piece of music in concert at the Sphéra. Let's talk about the ghosts of our past, but also about the present. Let's not forget and notice... With this concert we symbolically welcome again the organizers, guests and participants of the already traditional Vrba-Wetzler Memorial event. We invite you to an intense artistic experience.

Admission: 15 euros


10 Aug | Tue | 20.30 | Stanica

Summer cinema

Blade Runner 2049

Thirty years after the events of the first film, the new Blade Runner and LAPD Officer K reveal a long-hidden secret so fundamental that it could completely unravel the last remnants of human society.

Blade Runner 2049 / Denis Villeneuve / USA , UK, Hungary, Canada / 2017 / 164 min /  English + Czech subtitles

Admission: 5 euros


11 Aug | Wed | 20.00 | Nová synagóga


JeN Hovorka & Marek Urbánek [New Generation]

A cross-genre duo of predatory young musicians moving in the waters of jazz, hip-hop and electronica. The next in a series of concerts by the New Generation project, which aims to connect art with education. Complemented by a Workshop for young musicians and a joint Jam Session.

Admission: 5 euros


14 Aug | Sat | 20.00 | Stanica


Zuzana Burianová & Juraj Mýtny: Meanwhile

Open air concert by musicians Zuzana Burianova and Juraj Mýtny, who have been nourishing their friendship through music and their music through friendship for ten years at a distance. The result of their "time-out" is a collection of intimate, unobtrusively beautiful songs at the intersection of jazz, soul and intelligent pop music on their fresh EP.

Admission: FREE


15 - 19 & 23 - 25 Aug | Nová synagóga

Year-long residency

Tomáš Janypka at Sphéra (9.)

In August, performer and choreographer Tomáš Janypka has 8 days to find his place in the exhibition Simona Gottierová and Rastislav Podhorský Whisper to Sphére. The artists' works encourage live action, approach, performative interpretation and physical actualization.

Admission: not applicable


17 Aug | Tue | 20.30 | Stanica

Summer cinema


Private investigator Tom Welles lives a relatively quiet life with his wife Amy and newborn daughter. All he wants is more time to spend with his family. His wish almost comes true after a well-paid case.

8mm / Joel Schumacher / USA, Germany / 1999 / 123 min. /  English + Czech subtitles

Admission: 5 euros


17 Aug - 12 Sep | Nová synagóga


Simona Gottierová and Rastislav Podhorský whisper to Sphére

Through the selection and juxtaposition of the works of two young visual artists Simona Gottierová (1991, Banská Bystrica) and Rastislav Podhorský (1990, Bratislava), the exhibition directs us to perceive our own bodies in the space of the Nová synagóga. Curated by Juraj Gábor and Mappa editions (Jakub Juhás and Zoltán Czakó).

Admission: 5 euros


18 Aug | Wed | 20.00 | Nová synagóga


Tibor Feledi Kairos Quintet [New Generation]

The ensemble offers original compositions inspired by the tradition of Slovak folk songs in an unconventional connection with contemporary progressive jazz. Concert from the New Generation series, preceded by a special Workshop for young musicians and a regular Jam Session.

Admission: 5 euros


19 Aug | Thu | 20.30 | Stanica

Summer cinema

After Millennium with Peter Konečný [SK]

Hundreds of extraordinary film works have been made since 2000. During an evening of the best films of the past 20 years, editor-in-chief Peter Konečný will present those that have radically shaped his cinematic thinking.

Admission: 6 euros


23 Aug | Mon | 17.00 | Stanica


The Institute of Awe: The Wolf and the Hunger [SK]

After almost nine years, due to great success and timeless quality, we are once again presenting an intimate performance by one (puppet)actor. It is based on the connection of two well-known fairy tales with wolves, but it takes place in a completely different - wintry, quiet, Nordic atmosphere, under the stars and the lights. Jakub Folvarčný plays.

Admission: 4 euros


24 - 26 Aug | Stanica


Mountains and the City of Žilina 

The 9th edition of the popular festival of mountain film and adventure brings a showcase of the best of Bratislava's parent festival, Mountains and the City, to the intimate summer cinema under Rondl. World mountain film production in the fresh air.

Admission: 5 / 7 euros


28 Aug | Sat | 13.00 | Stanica


Swine Day

Swine Daily web magazine will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a one-day multi-genre festival. Among the names they've invited are Saint Caboclo, VuTru, Tante Elze, Keosz, Piernikowski. And they'll add an interesting accompanying programme to the music programme.

Admission: 10 / 12 euros


31 Aug | Tue | 20.30 | Stanica

Summer cinema

Shadow Country

The story of the inhabitants of a forgotten village near the Austrian border, for whom the events of the 1930s to 1950s come into their lives. Previously it was essential to work the fields, survive the winter and bring up the children, now it is necessary to choose who is Austrian, who is German and who is Czech and to pay the price that such a decision will bring.


Krajina ve stínu / Bohdan Sláma / Czech Republic, Slovakia / 2020 / 135 min. / Czech, German with Czech subtitles

Admission: 5 euros

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