October Program

1 Oct | Fri | 19.00 | Stanica


Lento Ad Astra with Myši na poli

For the first evening in October we have prepared an unusual "double concert" of groups that in their programmes return to the references of the past in an interesting way. The first to perform will be the Bratislava duo Lento Ad Astra, who will return to the Baroque in the untypical line-up of saxophone and piano with the programme Playing Chess with Mr. Bach. This will be followed by an audiovisual performance or a hybrid concert Brothers K (Part I) by the Banská Bystrica group Myši na poli, which is fascinated by the motifs of the novel The Brothers Karamazov by F. M. Dostoyevsky.

Admission: 7 euros


1 - 31 Oct | Nová synagóga

Gallery guided tours


Visual artist Simona Gottierová, who lectures educational programs in the normal course of our gallery operations, offers one-on-one guided tours or workshops for a single visitor, a couple or a family. Registration at: simona@novasynagoga.sk

Admission: 5 euros


1 - 31 Oct | Nová synagóga

Gallery education

In your own eyes

We continue our programs for schools in October. We are keeping up to date with the pandemic developments and the related needs of students and educators. In case it is not possible to come to us in person, we also conduct all gallery educational programs remotely, online. Detailed information about the programs and contact information at: :simona@novasynagoga.sk

Admission: Upon registration


1 - 31 Oct | Nová synagóga

Children’s program

Art at Home (6/2021): Listening to the Sphéra

A letter from the synagóga and Sphéra, which is hosting a small sound festival in October. You can find the letter online on our website or in person at the front desk. It will guide even the youngest visitors. As you read it and walk through the space, you and your children can quiet down and perk up your ears to suddenly hear sounds you didn't know existed before. The wooden structure can become an acoustic instrument for your family for a while.

Admission: FREE


2 Oct | Sat | 10.00 onwards | Stanica

Multi-media festival

KINESIS - Festival of youth culture

A new festival of multimedia arts organised by our Young Office (YO) especially for young people. Emerging artists from Žilina and the surrounding area. A platform to also discuss what they are missing in the city. Get ready for a cool after party. And a reminder that until 16 October, every Saturday (14:00 - 17:00) there is always the opportunity to "train" in DJing at open informal lessons in collaboration with Pivnica RAVË. More at @youngofficezilina.

Admission: Donation-based


3 Oct | Sun | 19.00 | Stanica


Whisky Travel Cinema: Georgia Offroad

A new screening with new photos and experiences of the singer of the band Slobodná Európa [Free Europe] from his ten trips to Georgia. The 5,000-foot peaks of the Greater Caucasus, the hard-to-reach remote mountain valleys where time has stood still, stunning Tbilisi, the vast steppes near the Azerbaijani border, monks still living in cave monasteries, remote corners with no hint of tourism and the Black Sea coast, and the great food and wine and extraordinary hospitality... All this is Georgia, which Whisky has travelled offroad.

Admission: 6 euros


5 Oct | Tue | 17.00 & 20.00 | Stanica


Every single minute

Since birth, husband and wife team Michal and Lenka Hanuliak have been conducting a peculiar experiment with their four-year-old son Mishko. Every minute of his life they are raising him to become a successful top athlete and a "quality person" in every way. They have decided to subordinate everything to this goal and put their own needs on the back burner. The film depicts these efforts up close over the course of a year and, through vivid situations from family life, raises a number of general questions about the meaning of education today, as well as about the one-sided focus on performance and the imminent "robotization" of life.


Original title: Každá minúta života / directed and written by Erika Hníková, cinematography by Šimon Dvořáček, Lukáš Milota / CZ, SK / 2021 / 80 min. 

Admission: 5 euros


12 Oct | Tue | 17.00 | Stanica


Self Portrait

World-class photographer Lene Marie Fossen suffers from anorexia. She stopped eating when she was ten. Through her open and honest work, she seeks to highlight the shame associated with anorexia and to confront her illness. This self-portrait depicts Lene Marie's journey and struggle. "I wish it was possible to start eating again by snapping my fingers." - Lene Marie was only thirty-three years old when she passed away in October 2019. However, she was able to see the film with her parents and wished for it to reach the world. 

The film is part of a selection from the One World Documentary Film Festival.


Original title: Selvportrett / directed and written by: Katja Høgset, Margreth Olin, Espen Wallin / NO / 2020 / 80 min. 

Admission: 5 euros


12 Oct | Tue | 20.00 | Stanica


Scheme Birds

The film is full of the frustration of a generation of Scots disillusioned by the promises of society. Through the eyes of Gemma, a soon to be mother standing on the threshold of adulthood, we follow a declining steel town. In a place where you have only two prospects in life - "you're either going to get hammered or thrown in jail" - Gemma struggles for a bit of tenderness and understanding in the violent environment that surrounds her. The film is part of a selection from the One World Documentary Film Festival.


Original title: Scheme Birds / directed and written by Ellen Fiske, Ellinor Hallin / SE , UK / 2019 / 90 min. 


Admission: 5 euros


13 Oct | Wed | 19.00 | Stanica


Guitar recital: Karol Kompas

Time for classical music and a return to our  favourite solo nights after a long time. The concert, subtitled "Five Centuries of the Guitar in Slovakia," will hear solo guitar and lute music from the 16th to the 21st centuries that is related to our territory. Performed by a great guitarist who is currently based in Nitra.

Admission: 6 euros


16 Oct | Sat | 15.00 & 17.00 | Stanica

Children’s program

Houže Theatre: Wolf on the Moon [SK]

A wolf is obsessed with the desire to get to the moon. He leaves his pack and embarks on a harrowing journey into the unknown. Along the way, he meets many strange creatures, strikingly resembling the old-famous Kozliatka [Little Goats] or  Červenú čiapočku [Little Red Riding Hood]. The absurdity of the situations, however, precludes any clichés and the adventurous journey towards a dream come true features unusual characters such as bickering cosmonauts or activists jangling keys for the rights of animals flying into space. The cast includes Rado Konečný/ Lukáš Takáč and Matej Truban.

Admission: 4 euros


16 Oct | Sat | 16.00 | Nová synagóga


Echos  of the Sphéra

A sonic reunion and an expedition into the bowels of Sphéra. The five-hour mini-festival will present six approaches by contemporary artists (Bolka, Veronika Svobodová & Michal Kindernay, Maria Komarova, Martin Debřička & Zdeněk Závodný, Jonáš Gruska, Irena & Vojtech Havel), who will take care of its discernment. Curated by: Jakub Juhás, Zoltán Czakó, Juraj Gábor. 

Admission: 10 euros


19 Oct | Tue | 17.00 & 20.00 | Stanica



In a sleepy rural town, a community of Jehovah's Witnesses is attacked by an extremist group. In the midst of this conflict, the familiar world of Yana, the wife of the community's leader, slowly crumbles. Her inner discontent grows as she struggles to understand her desires. The film has been selected as an Official Selection at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. The film is part of the Be2Ca selection, which brings the best of the Venice, Berlin and Cannes film festivals to audiences each year. 


Original title: Dasatskisi / directed by Dea Kulumbegashvili / GA, FR / 2020 / 125 min.


Admission: 5 euros


20 Oct | Wed | 19.00 | Stanica


Cervenca Trio

Vocalist Claudia Cervenca, a native of Romania, has an artistic background in Vienna. She left the mainstream jazz scene more than a decade ago to devote herself fully to experimentation and the fields of free improvisation and new music. She thus enjoys exploring the different vocal-sound spectrums of vocal art within an unconventional musical aesthetic. She will be performing with us in an international trio with the great improvisers: the Swiss Samuel Düsller on drums and the Czech Radim Hanousek on saxophone.

Admission: 7 euros


21 Oct | Thu | 18.00 | Nová synagóga


The End of Belarus? [SK] 

Fedor Blaščák with Alexander Duleb and special guest Nastasya Kostyugova. The revolution in Belarus has frozen, resistance has been suppressed, hope for change has vanished. Instead of a Marshall Plan for Belarus, the country is gradually becoming the North Korea of Europe. The Lukashenko regime has forced tens of thousands of people to flee into exile, protest leaders have been sentenced to long sentences, and hundreds more political prisoners are awaiting sentences. The EU and the US have imposed tough sanctions on Belarus, but pressure from outside is not enough to bring about change. Lukashenko goes to Putin in Moscow to sell the country's sovereignty in exchange for the Kremlin's protection.

Admission: 5 euros


23 Oct onwards | Stanica


This is not therapy

Behind the title lies one of the lines of a broader research dealing with the meaning of informal education in contemporary dance for the "non-dance" public. A group of long-term 'workshoppers' set themselves the task of exploring the physical memories stored in their bodies (including rational and emotional aspects). They seek and validate their experiences in a collaborative creative process without the participation of a lecturer. Where will this group go, where will they focus their attention, what will follow? They are their own initiators, authors and performers.

Admission: not applicable 


23 Oct | Sat | 20.00 | Stanica


Deeper Sounds of House, vol. 10

The Deeper Sounds of House club party should be live again after the lockdown online version. It's unbelievable, but the first Deeper took place back in March 2016 and this time it will be the 10th installment. The veterans of the club scene will re-emerge from the underground into the light after a long time and will pick up records from their archives. A load of quality club music in styles ranging from deep house to dub techno supported by thematic video projection. The boiler room concept remains for bar seating and dancing on the dancefloor, and Dash, Cornell, DJ 08 and Adrian will take their turns behind the turntables.

Admission: 4 euros 


25 - 31 Oct | Nová synagóga


Tomáš Janypka in Sphéra 10.

At the end of October, the dancer, performer and choreographer, who repeatedly enters into dialogue with the work of Juraj Gábor throughout 2021, will fill the empty Sphéra with his presence this time. The seven days of the residency are a potential to turn his attention inward and delve into the themes that accompany his research: slowing down, attention to the ordinary and the subtle, the weight of things on both a physical and spiritual level...

Admission: not applicable 


26 Oct | Tue | 17.00 & 20.00 | Stanica


I’m your man

Alma is a scientist at the famous Pergamon Museum in Berlin. In order to get research funding for her work, she is persuaded to take part in an extraordinary experiment. For three weeks, she must live with a humanoid robot that adapts to her character and needs, an artificial intelligence designed to be the perfect life partner. Alma meets Tom, a machine in human form that was created just to make her happy. A comic-tragic story about issues of love, desire and what makes a person human. The film is part of a selection from the Be2Ca film showcase, which brings audiences the best of the Venice, Berlin and Cannes film festivals each year. 


Original title: Ich bin dein Mensch / directed by Maria Schrader / DE / 2021 / 102 min. 

Admission: 5 euros 


27 Oct | Wed | 19.00 | Stanica


SkRAT Theatre: The Nobles. Stories from a Better Society

After a long time, we will once again host our favourite independent group from Bratislava with their fresh performance.

Admission: 9 euros 


28 Oct | Thu | 19.00 | Stanica


An evening of cinematic oddities and extraordinary experiments with Peter Konečný

Experiments on the audience that will definitely surprise you! With experiments ranging from electrocution in armchairs to 4D, cinemas fought for the audience's favour after the advent of television. Peter Konečný, editor-in-chief of kinema.sk, will guide you through the world of cinematic "miracles".

Admission: 6 euros


29 Oct | Fri | 17.00 | Nová synagóga


Silvia Rosani: AmotIon

A sound performance by the Italian artist Silvia Rosani, whose two-week residency at Sphéra is hosted in collaboration with Žilina Beskydy 2026 and The European Media Art Platform (EMAP). AmotIon combines visitors' voices with acoustic and hybrid electroacoustic instruments and transforms them into a unified composition based on emotion detection, realized by a live neural network model. Hybrid AI instruments mimic, contrast or ignore the emotions detected in the sounds. Just as live performers remember their strategies during improvisation, the algorithm-generated sound is conditioned by prior learned experience.

Admission: 5 euros


30 Oct | Sat | 20.00 | Nová synagóga


KIN [New Generation]

The band KIN draws on the jazz tradition, but is not afraid of avant-garde approaches to creation in its compositions. Thus, the music created by three peculiar personalities moves between post-jazz, minimalism, grunge and free improvisation. The concept of the KIN trio ignores both genre pigeonholes and the ossified jazz form. The result is lively and communicative music with a not inconsiderable amount of improvisation, but also a distinct plan to create a unique mood in each song. The concert is part of the New Generation project, which aims to connect the arts with education. It is preceded by a workshop for young musicians at 5:30pm and culminates in an open jam session at 9:30pm.

Admission: 5 euros


3 Nov | Tue | 19.00 | Nová synagóga


White on White

The Sphéra once again as the cinema venue for Viera Cakany's latest film.

Admission: 5 euros


3 - 5 Nov | Stanica

Performance + discussion 

Lucia Kašiarová & Ufftenživot.

A performative non-solo by a Slovak woman based in Prague, in which "I" plays no role.     

Admission: more info soon


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