December program

1.12.2018 Saturday / 15.00 and 17.00

Puppet theater for children

Odivo: Divočiny

A puppet fairytale of joy for children and adults, created freely on the motifs of the book Where Wild Things Are by American illustrator and writer Maurica Sendak. A narrative about ordinary Max with an extraordinary fantasy. And about his cat. And about wildlife. And a lot of other things that fit into one red carriage. All the wilderness is complete with live music - vibraphone, guitar and drums. You can enjoy the rare puppets made from bicycle parts and branches from different parts of the world. Suitable for children older than 5 years of age.

2.12.2018 Sunday / 19.00


Traveler's Cinema: Azores Islands - Paradise in the Atlantic

Nine "pieces" of Earth emerging from the ocean. The hills look like a green velvet blanket, and everything blooms wild. Thanks to volcanoes, small villages and towns have a unique romantic architecture. Pineapple and tea plantations, tropical vegetation and lakes in the craters. From the depths of Earth, there are many places where sulfur smoke rises or rich mineral springs flow. The islands of volcanic origin, some of which are considered to be remnants of the mythical Atlantis, are still greatly unknown... The Azores Islands will be guided by Zdenko Somorovsky.

4.12.2018 Tuesday / 17.00 and 20.00

Cinema / Projekt 100

Foxtrot (r. Samuel Maoz)

Jonathan Feldman, along with three other men, guarded the desolate checkpoint somewhere in the desert on the north of Israel. The young soldiers are pulled out of the boredom after an unexpected event with fatal consequences. Jonathan's parents, meanwhile, in Tel-Aviv, try to cope with the tragic message and finding out what's happening out there in the wilderness. The film Foxtrot mediates the surreal army experience of young soldiers and deals with the theme of guilt, loss, and torture that is being transferred from generation to generation in Israel. All this in an original narrative form that is interwoven with a sense of beauty, absurdity and subtle humor. Despite the controversy over the film in its native country, it has won eight Israeli film academies.

Foxtrot – Samuel Maoz / IL / 2017 / 108 min / Czech subtitles

5.12.2018 Wednesday / 17.00

Cinema / Spanish Movies Showcase “Viva la Película!”

A gun in each hand (Cesc Gay)

What are men talking about? And how openly do they talk about their feelings? Gay's observation of the love life of eight men in their fourties, in their everyday situations, reveals one thing: a male identity crisis. The Catalan director's men are no cowboys with a hard face. On the contrary, they are vulnerable and when someone shoots off the gun - it will paradoxically be a woman. The funny dialogues are lit up, and the whole bunch of great actors in the merciless portrayal of contemporary men and women have won, among other important awards, four Gaudí awards.

A gun in each hand (Una pistola en cada mano) – Cesc Gay / ES / 2012 / 95 min / slovak subtitles

5.12.2018 Wednesday / 20.00

Cinema / Spanish Movies Showcase “Viva la Película!”

Even the rain (Icíar Bollaín)

Award-winning film Even the rain from the Spanish director Iciar Bollain works with two lines of action. Both are inspired by real historical events: the colonization of Latin America by Christopher Columbus and the ongoing riots after the water privatization in the Bolivian town of Cochabamba, also known as the War on Water. The streaming and comparing of the present and the past world takes place thanks to the "movie within a movie”, where filming a narrative story about the mining of the New Earth is symbolic in today's Cochabamba with the fight for water.

Even the rain (También la lluvia) – Icíar Bollaín / ES, FR, MEX / 2010 / 98 min / slovak subtitles

6.12.2018 Thursday /  17.00

Lecture and discussion of the Aevis Foundation on Natural Tourism

Zuzana Kaliská, Karol Kaliský, Tomáš Vida: A chance for nature, a chance for the region

A series of presentations and discussions about natural tourism and the possibilities of its development in Slovakia will also come to Žilina. Are there still untouched, unrecognized and uncovered places in nature in Slovakia? How to use their natural potential so that nature is preserved? During the lectures you will learn what natural tourism is and what positive development can the soft tourism development have on the development of the region. Together with our guests, we will discuss "friendly" recreation opportunities in nature, why it is advisable to go to wilderness with a guide, how natural tourism works abroad and whether observing tourists can save Slovak nature from devastation. The event is organized by the non-profit organization Aevis.

7.12.2018 Friday / 19.00

Theater performance

Ufftenživot (CZ): Keep Calm

"KEEP CALM and CARRY ON" - a war slogan which took over the Internet and created universal advice for all kinds of situations. Likewise, Keep Calm is looking for a versatile guide to life. Two performers, each by themselves and together, invite viewers to share with them feelings that are not entirely unknown. For a while, it looks like crazy #chaos, but isn’t any more chaotic than what we're living in - a net of songs, slogans, and memes. In the stolen world of sharing, in the world of irony, trumpery, joy and sadness. Anyway, it’s necessary to have #fun...

Directed by: Sára Arnstein, Jiří Šimek

Starring: Johana Schmidtmajerová, Jiří Šimek

11.12.2018 Tuesday / 17.00 and 20.00


Emergency call (Gustav Möller)

Asger Holm, a former police officer assigned to the emergency line, responds to a call from a kidnapped woman. When the conversation is suddenly interrupted, he begins to search for the woman and her hijacker. With the phone as the only tool, surrounded by office walls, Asger enters a race against time to save a threatened woman. The crime it uncovers is, however, much larger than it might have seemed at first. One of the most promising creators of the new Danish film generation, director Gustav Möller, in his first feature film award at the Sundance Film Festival, is the audience’s nominee for the best foreign film, experiments with human imagination, senses, fear and the belief that the strongest movie moments are what you do not see .

Emergency call (Den skyldige) – Gustav Möller / DK / 2018 / 85 min / Czech subtitles

12.12.2018 Wednesday / 17.00, 19.00 and 20.30

Cinema / Mountains and city Žilina

Vrcholová príťažlivosť (Rasťo Hatiar)

The mountaineering and life story of the Himalayan Peter Hámor. An intimate portrait of a man who has been trying to move his borders all his life. The film won the Grand Prix Prize and the Audience Award for the premiere at Poprad’s International Mountain Film Festival.

Vrcholová príťažlivosť – Rasťo Hatiar / SK / 2018 / 64 min

13.12.2018 Thursday / 19.00

Presentation: Zuzana Psotková

So Zuzanou na Luciu – Na peróne a Tabačka Kulturfabrik

Whatever you wanted to know about contemporary Košice and contemporary art there. Guaranteed subjective information about cultural and other events in the far East in the performance of the Košice’s Performer and cultural activist Zuzana Psotková.

Zuzana Psotková (1977) is a resident artist at Stanica this December and is working on a new personal expanding project in the field of experiment, theater and civic engagement. Actress, dramaturgist, lecturer and project manager. Theater career began in 1997 at Spišský Divadlo. From there, her journey led to several Slovak and foreign theaters with which she traveled a piece of the world. In 2005 she became a founding member of the Peron Theater, which is a permanent residential ensemble of Tabačka in Košice, where she works in parallel as a dramaturgist for the theater and does a lot of other things like all of those working in independent cultural centers.

14.12.2018 Friday / 20.00


Katarzia / Pjoni: Uncomfortable person

Katarzia is releasing a new album in collaboration with producer Jonatan Pastircak, and along with VJ artist Kateřina Blahutová, they are touring. Most of the songs were created for the performance of Antigon in the Slovak National Theater. The lyrics are, as always, about our lives and the young man who decides to stand up against the falsity and ends up with his death.

18.12.2018 Tuesday / 17.00 and 20.00


Reality Show (Matteo Garrone)

Luciano is the owner of a thriving fishing restaurant in the heart of Naples, has a beautiful wife and many relatives, is popular, dances well and likes to perform. When he talks to his own children about signing up for the popular reality show Big Brother, where he goes straight to the next round, he is so proud of his idea that he will be famous and wealthy unless he loses his sense of reality... The director of the famous film Gomorra hasn’t made a film about the Naples mafia this time, but a comedy from the world of "ordinary" Neapolcans whose thoughts, tastes and ideas of success and happiness greatly manipulate television. The film won the Grand Prix at the Cannes 2012 Festival.

Reality Show (Reality) – Matteo Garrone / IT, FR / 2012 / 116 min / Czech subtitles

25.12.2018 Tuesday / 19.00

Benefit concert

After X-mass Eve Benefit Vol. 9

The ninth edition of the benefit concert for the Žilina shelter. Enjoy backyards, refreshing drinks and delicious food. The main idea behind the action is to encourage those who are most vulnerable who, unlike us, spend the holidays alone.

26.12.2018 Wednesday / 20.20

20 images x 20 seconds

Pecha Kucha Night Žilina, Vol. 41 – Štefánsky špeciál

A traditional Christmas encounter with your life stories written in 2018. The format limits you to 6 minutes and 40 seconds and we will be happy if you come to tell what you lived, what you did and what you are doing and preparing for. Artists, architects, designers, craftsmen, activists, programmers, students, fighters ... Send an e-mail to After the presentations, hits will be played by Dj Pecha Hapcha in the bar.

28.12.2018 Friday / 19.00

Cinema / Documentary

Ultra (Balázs Simonyi)

A unique drama about everyday athletes who join an extreme running race. Their dream and burden is to test their personal limits, heal their souls and release their demons.

Ultra – Balázs Simonyi / HU / 2017 / 81 min / Slovak subtitles

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