January program

8.01.2019 Tuesday / 17.00 and 20.00 


Sunset (László Nemes)

1913, Budapest, in the heart of Europe as World War I approaches. The young Irisz Leiter arrives in the Hungarian capital with high hopes to work as a milliner at Leiter, the legendary hat store that once belonged to her late parents; but she is quickly sent away by the new owner. While preparations are under way at the store, to host important guests, a man comes to Irisz, looking for a Kálmán Leiter. The young woman follows Kálmán's tracks, her only link to a lost past. Her quest brings her through the dark streets of Budapest, where only the Leiter hat store shines, into the turmoil of a civilization on the eve of its downfall.

Sunset (Napszálita) – László Nemes / HU, FR / 2018 / 144 min / Czech subtitles

9.01.2019 Wednesday / 19.00

Author's projection

Winter flies (Olmo Omerzu)

Typical 14-year-old outsider, Mára, and his twelve-year-old friend Heduš, set out on a journey without destination. Mára steals the car, and they heedlessly take on the adventures that come their way, from rescuing a canine companion from drowning to picking up their instant teenage crush, hitchhiker Bara. Everyone is on the run, on an adventurous journey, enjoying the sudden freedom they may never experience again, until the moment the Mára is caught by the police. He's being interrogated, and we, together with them, are wondering what is real and what is fake about the boy’s story... 

Winter flies (Všechno bude) – Olmo Omerzu / CZ, SI, PL, SK / 2018 / 85 min

12.01.2019 Saturday / 15.00 and 17.30 

Theater for children

Tulák and Klára

The Story of Little Tulák and his best friend Klára, inspired by Erik Jakub Groch's book. Together they travel the world, learning from each other to understand humans and animals. The play is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years old and will be accompanied by an art workshop.

13.01.2019 Sunday / 17.00

Community dinner

Asian Vegan Sunday

For January’s Vegan Sunday, we chose an Asian theme specially to ease the stomach after Christmas. Asian cuisine offers truly varied, full-bodied meals. You can try the current popular Buddha bowl in a thousand ways, spring rolls, maki, gado gado or simple roasted vegetables with noodles.

13.01.2019 Sunday / 19.00


Traveling Cinema: Pacific Crest Trail - 4.260 km by foot from Mexico to Canada

Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 4,260 km long hiking trail that traces the western coast of the US from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. This trip brought together two people - Mila Daníška, the first Slovakian ever to take on the PCT, and Pavla Sabel from the Czech Republic. In addition to a lot of experiences, photos and a freshly-cut film, we'll also talk about ultra-light tourist equipment and physically learn about the authenticity of the PCT.

15.01.2019 Tuesday / 17.00 and 20.00


Under the silver lake (David Robert Mitchell)

After his remarkable metahorror movie “It follows”, director David Robert Mitchell went on a hallucinogenic trip to Los Angeles: his meandering neo-noir “The Silver Lake” mystery revolves around a thirty-three-year-old Sam who, after the disappearance of his mysterious neighbor Sarah, surrenders to decrypt mysteries, scandals and conspiracies hiding in the depths of the city of angels. The hypnotic and entertaining thriller is driven by a central obsessive figure, as well as a sober soundtrack, action twists and countless pop culture references, finally assembling the secret history of L. A. Film, which is also a subversive joke and an untraditional honor of the classic Hollywood era.

Under the Silver Lake – David Robert Mitchell / USA / 2018 / 139 min / Czech subtitles

17.01.2019 Thursday / 20.00


Talent Transport

Piano, drums and bass. Talent Transport doesn’t need more to give you goosebumps. The band consists of the trio Vladislav "Slnko" Šarišský (keyboards, vocals), Filip Hittrich (bass) and Marián Slávka (drums). Experienced musicians that have been performing in several well-known and successful music groups such as Hrana, Jan Kirschner, IMT Smile and Sounds Like This. The trio's common songs are a fusion of jazz, classical music, and pop, which they refer to as "human music". Their production is linked to Marek Brezovsky and Dež Ursiny, yet Talent Transport is difficult to grasp. Original in artistic and verbal expression, which always carries doses of mild (self) irony. 

20.01.2019 Sunday / 19.00


Černický / Janypka / Piktorová: Ľahká zem

How to talk about death while we're still alive? The trio Černický, Janypka, Piktorová brings to the theater a thought about death, which does not take place in the logical structures of formulated phrases, but in the experience and memory of the human body. The presentation is a physical reflection, a rhythmic discovery of the difference between being and non-existence, which revolves around the central question: To whom is the earth light, when in every body is reflected life, but also the currently present potential of death?

Concept, choreography, performance: Viktor Černický, Tomáš Janypka, Jazmína Piktorová

22.01.2019 Tuesday / 17.00 and 20.00

Cinema / Projekt 100

The House That Jack Built (Lars von Trier)

The grim and grotesque humorous film takes us into the 1970s. For serial killer Jack, every killing is a piece of art. He’s been pursuing perfection in his dark mastery for years. Despite his high intelligence, the police are slowly approaching, while Jack is increasingly risking a perfect murder. The violent acts slowed him down, but also paved the way into hot hell..

The House That Jack Built – Lars von Trier / DK, FR, SE / 2018 / 152 min / Czech subtitles

23.01.2019 Wednesday / 19.00


The evening of 2018’s best films and ads with Peter Konečný

The year 2018 brought extraordinary works in the field of world cinematography, television production and advertising. During the movie night we will introduce only the best of the modern perception of audiovisual art. It is remarkable how this kind of work is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to engage with often crowded viewers. Do not spend time with average and ballast. Quality will be the word. And you will be accompanied by Peter Konečný, general editor of Kinema.sk.

24 - 26.01.2019 Thursday – Saturday

Traveling festival

Cestou necestou

On the January issue of the Festival Cestou necestou will be premiered "Nároční" Košičania, who went from Košíce to Pamír and back to the old Mercedese. Milo Daníšek will join with another ridge - this time with the GR20. We go skialping to distant Peru or for hiking in Iraqi Kurdistan. The first Slovakian to visit Somalia as well as Japan and Oman on a bicycle will be here. We will enjoy 10 years of life in China, get familiar with Colombian hospitality, and find out how to live low-cost in the French Polynesia. At the end of the three-day marathon of lectures, we will ride along with Rudo across 14 european countries on a Pionieri.

26.01.2019 Saturday 19.00 LOCATION: NOVA SYNAGOGA

Language cafe


will warm you up with international hot drinks in our best Synagogue bar. If you would like to learn how to say “Cheers!” in a different languages or you are looking forward to try spanish sangria/french mimosa/mexican margarita or just simple russian vodka, Nova Synagoga is opening doors for you. Our EVS volunteers prepared for this edition special activities, pub quiz and their funny drunk stories.

Blablabar Coctail edition also will be virgin cocktails friendly for that ones who don’t like alcohol.

For any questions or special requests contact us at dobrovolnici@stanica.sk

29.01.2019 Tuesday / 17.00 and 20.00


When the war comes (Jan Gebert)

Peter Svrček, 18-year-old youngster, lives with his parents and at first sight does not differ from his peers. However, he felt like a patriot and several years ago he founded the Slovak Branch organization. His intense military training "to defend and preserve the nation" in the middle of Slovak forests passed more than two hundred young men seeking leadership and their own identity. In masks and machine guns, they undergo Peter's authoritarian tendency. Peter believes his organization has a future and plans to postpone the uniform one day to reach the masses - as a politician.

When the war comes (Až přijde válka) – Jan Gebert / CZ, HR / 2018 / 76 min

30.01- 02.02. 2019 Wednesday – Saturday

International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights

One world (Jeden Svet)

Since the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancé, the archaeologist Martina Kušníř, it has been over half a year. The murder and society's reaction to it has become a moment that defines the present days. After ten months, relatively sure about Jana and Martina’s assassin, we are arguing about the ordering agents, but we learned a lot about the society we live in. This knowledge attempts to amplify the International One Documentary Film Festival, which will take place from January 30 to February 2 in Zilina. The festival has been opening the theme of freedom, democracy and human rights for 13 years. This year dedicated to the memory of Ján and Martin.

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