March program

Saturday 2.3. | 16.00

Family cinema

Dilili in Paris (Dilili à Paris)

Michel Ocelot / FR / 2018 / 95 min / Slovak dubbing

"An amazing trip to Paris in the ‘Beautiful Age’ for the whole family". The animation ‘Dilili in Paris’ is a film from Michel Ocelot's workshop, which through the adventure of a little girl will brings us to the Belle Époque from the history of France.

Entry: 3,00 € / from 3 years of age

Tuesday 5.3 | 17.00 and 20.00


By a Sharp Knife

Teodor Kuhn / SK / 2019 / 89 min / Slovak + English subtitles

After the death of his son a desperate father fights with apathetic police, corrupt judiciary and his own feeling of guilt. Will he achieve justice for the aggressors laughing in his face? The film is inspired by the death of Daniel Tupy and his father battle for justice. The director Teodor Kuhn will be our special guest of the evening.

Entry: 3,00 / 2,00 €

Wednesday 6.3 | 18.00

travel festival Cestou Necestou 

March edition of travel festival Cestou Necestou will attract your eyes with several exceptional projections. You’ll see the outstanding scenery of Southeast Asia through the bird’s eye perspective, captured by Dávid Varga. Followed by mundane life of the Laotian countrysidean. An icon of Kysuce, Michal Tlelk is going to present his another wild trip, this time the one to Kazakhstan. And lastly but not least Filip’s Lehotský’s escape to Nepal.


Presale: 6,00 €; at the door : 7,00 €

Friday 8.3. | 20.00


Midi Lidi (CZ), Ventolin (CZ), 1flfsoap (CZ)


Midi Lidi - an electropop band has been on the scene since 2006 and has gained a large audience since then. Their charming but at the same time ironic lyrics guarantee exceptional concerts. Ventolin became famous last year after releasing his album ‘Welcome’. His live show is among the top club experiences on the Czech and Slovakian music scene. 1flfsoap’s music is being created directly on stage. Drums, guitar and a great deal of improvisation bring together dance sets that do not have an obvious or banal ending.



Presale: 10,00 / 8,00 €; at the door : 12,00 / 10,00 €

Sunday 10.3 | 19



Søren Kierkegaard


This spectacle mediates on the life, work and thoughts of a Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard. Using his original text, puppets, and some gentle amendments to the original text the authors try to portray the life of a man who is considered the father of existentialism. Søren Kierkegaard has influenced many of his thinkers and authors.

Entry: 5,00 / 3,00 €

Tuesday 12. 3. | 17.00 a 20.00


Custody (Jusqu᾿à la garde)

Xavier Legrand / FR / 2017 / 93 min / Czech subtitles

Miriam and Antoine Besson have divorced, and Miriam is seeking sole custody of their son Julien to protect him from a father she claims is violent. Antoine however pleads his case as a scorned dad whose children have been turned against him by their vindictive mother. Unsure who is telling the truth, the broken marriage leads to a bitter custody battle portraying a painful bond between parents and their son.

Entry: 3,00 / 2,00 €; with ASFK 2,50 / 1,50 €


Tuesday 19. 3. | 17.00 a 20.00

cinema / Crème de la Crème

Girls of the Sun (Les filles du soleil)

Eva Husson / FR, BE, CH / 2018 / 115 min / Slovak subtitles

Somewhere in Kurdistan. Bahar is commander in chief of the Girls of the Sun, a Kurdish female battalion. She is about to take back the town of Corduene, where she was captured by the extremists. Mathilde, a French journalist covers the first three days of the offensive. Through their encounter, Bahar's itinerary, since the men dressed in black changed the course of her existence, resurfaces.

Entry: 3,00 / 2,00 €

Friday 22. 3. | 9.30 | Nová Cvernovka Bratislava


Business Model Innovation v Novej Cvernovke

Together with Creative Industry Košice we organize a workshop for leaders of independent cultural centers and theaters. The theme is innovation in economic models and management of cultural organizations. The lecturer is Sandy Fitzgerald, an experienced cultural manager, artist, former director of the City Arts Center in Dublin and consultant Olivearte Culture Agency.

Saturday 23. 3. | 13.00 – 17.00

workshop (not only) for women

Do-it-herself: Kokedama

Kokedama, which translates to moss ball, is the art of forming plant roots into a soil ball, covering it in moss and wrapping with string. Kokedama originated in Japan as a form on bonsai that dates back to the 1600’s. Creating this beautiful plant sculpture is for those who want to train or improve their patient and have no problem to get their hands dirty from the soil. After it is finished you can hang your moss ball planter from the ceiling or display it in a bowl as a unique living object.


Fee: 10,00 € - including all the  materials to make your own kokedama. Sign up for the workshop by sending an email to

Sunday 24. 3. | 19.00


Whisky Travel Cinema: Marocco

6,000 km around Morocco, wild Marrakesh, Fes and a labyrinth of the alley of its enormous medina, Jebel Toubkal, Great and Middle Atlas, Sahara, Berber villages in the remote areas, as well as the modern boulevards of the big cities ... all of these in this edition of Whisky’s travel cinema.

Entry: 5,00 / 3,00 €

Tuesday 26. 3. | 17.00 a 20.00

cinema / Crème de la Crème

I Feel Good

Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern / FR / 2018 / 103 min / Czech subtitles

46 years old Jacques is interested in one thing: how to get rich. He gets a genius idea. Jacques convinces his sister and a bunch of outsiders that the only way to start a new life is to have a plastic surgery. And so, they go on a bizarre trip to Bulgaria, where such a treatment is relatively cheap.

Entry: 3,00 / 2,00 €

Wednesday 27. 3. | 20.00


Kalle (CZ) acoustic band, Ane Bjerkan (NO)

Duo Kalle from a small Czech town Tábor plays in an extraordinary six elements composition. Spev, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, harmony and violoncello that preserves the post-rock atmosphere and adds a new dimension to Kalle’s concerts. The Norwegian songwriter Ane Bjerkan gradually gains her deserved attention with her voice and charisma. Her work can be described as a darker pop with traces of Norwegian folk, as well as jazz.

Entry: 6,00 / 4,00 €

Saturday 30. 3. | 15.00 a 17.00

Puppet theatre for kids

Alžběta Vitvarová a kol.: Dlhý, široký a bystrozraký

A puppet tale by Karel Jaromír Erben, inspired by the artist Zbyněk Sekal. Two were going, three were going. Actually, four were going and one horse to be specific. They were going for a long time, they were going through a forest. Where did they get to? The Iron Castel! Presentation is suitable for children from 3 years of age.

Director: Alžběta Vitvarová

Performers: Štěpán Lustyk, Milan Vedral, René Vitvar

Entry: 4,00 € / from 3 years of age.

Sunday 31. 3. | 17.00

Community dinner

Vegan Sunday: Your favourite recipes


March edition of Vegan Sunday is about your favourite recipes. Of course, you can be inventive and surprise yourself with some novelties as well as amazing the others. It’s all about exchanging and broadening the horizons of your vegan cuisine. We hope you’ll be actively present during this event.

Donation based.

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