This is not the end of Stanica story

Not only our venue was burned, together with it also our dream of independent and community space for art. We are facing the largest catastrophe since our organisation emerged in 1998. Stanica calls SOS. S2 venue in cultural centre Stanica is burned. The building of Stanica which is next to it was untouched and there are no damages. S2 venue was a space opened during the TEH Meeting 69 in May 2009. The venue was lighted and fired from outside at night on 19th of May. For now we do not know exactly how the fire started. We do not want to conspire and we are waiting for the results of professional expertise. Likely nobody was hurt, there was no event that night, the venue was empty, but the material damage is huge. In any case we need your help now.

Any financial donation for the liquidation of fire damages is welcome – liquidation of the venue remains, heavy equipment hire (e.g. excavator, crane, containers), transfer of rubbish, renewal of technical equipment and surroundings, etc.

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Thank you very much, we appreciate your help!

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The end of S2 story

This is how S2 venue was created ten years ago. S2 venue was created as a temporary object on the border of an artistic installation and an architectural experiment during a two month workshop in April and May 2009. About one hundred and twenty young people attended the workshop - all of them volunteers and enthusiasts. 

Have a look at the archive texts, pictures and videos about S2 venue project.

The result was a community space for theatre and other cultural activities, a collective work made of unconventional materials obtained free of charge - beer crates, straw mixed with clay, no solid joints. S2 was not connected with overpass construction or ground, we do not consider it a construction, we did not ask any permission. The entire installation could be dismantled at any time and recycled without waste.

Various ecological, community and DIY approaches to architecture served as inspiration. Clearing up and converting inhospitable area below the Rondel overpass roundabout was the main motivation. It had been a fly-tipping area for years and we turned it into a garden. We removed tens of tons of waste from here, planted greenery, started a summer cinema. S2 venue was yet another attempt to turn this place into a cultural public space. We informed media about the whole project, the workshop and all our activities too. S2 was also seen by the professional public as a unique project, professional publications wrote about it and it was also presented at Venice Biennale of Architecture.

In the aftermath of the fire we found out that the fire did not get through the straw-clay wall at all. Technical equipment remained undamaged as did a theatre reflector that hung inside one meter away from burning bottle crates. The damaged viaduct is a terrible shame and the fact that our dream of a space for art burned as well is obviously the less important thing. But we are convinced that we are not the culprits of the fire.

Our thanks goes to all who help us directly on the spot and also to those of you who support us remotely.

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Stanica calls SOS. Please help us.

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