Program November

Tuesday - Wednesday, November 5 - 6 

Film festival inakosti 

The Otherness Film Festival is a festival for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual people (LGBTI minority), their families, children and friends. By presenting quality works of world and domestic cinematography, we hope to engage all film fans of every sexual orientations and gender identities, to fight against homophobia and xenophobia, to stimulate social discussion and solve problems of the still overlooked LGBTI minority in Slovakia. The main value of the event is respect and variety.

Tuesday 5. 11.

17.00 Concussion - Stacie Passon / USA / 2013/96 min / Slovak subtitles

20.00 Paris is burning - Jennie Livingston / USA / 1990/71 min / Slovak subtitles

21.30 Queer Karaoke

Wednesday 6. 11.

17.00 FFI Short Films

20.00 Sauvage - Camille Vidal-Naquet / FR / 2018/99 min / Czech subtitles

Friday 8. 11., 20.00

concert and party

Urbsounds label night: Dead Janitor, Urbanfailure, Drills after ten o'clock, Makkat

Urbsounds is a Bratislava-based electronic music publishing house, aiming to introduce four Slovak producers - Makkat, Dead Janitor, Drills after ten o'clock and Urbanfailure - to Žilina. Forget about genres and style borders – Great music is Great music.

Saturday 9. 11., 16.00

 Theater for children

 Lab Theater VŠMU Bratislava: Duck, Death and Tulip 

Adaptation of the book of the same name by Wolf Elbruch, which won the prestigious international prize H. Ch. Andersen brings a timeless story of the friendship of an ordinary duck and Death. The performance is suitable for audiences from 6 years.

Saturday 9. 11., 19.00

Author's projection with a reader

Lone Runners: Let's move on! (dir. Martin Repka)

The feature-length documentary tells the story and history of the legendary poetic group Lonely Runners, founded in the 1960s by representatives of the progressive movement in modern Slovak poetry - Ivan Laučík, Peter Repka and Ivan Štrpka will host a screening of the film accompanied by a reading from the new books Lonely Runners and discussion. The film will be personally presented by Ivan Štrpka and Peter Repka, plus members of the staff - director Martin Repka, producer Maroš Šlapeta and editor Michal Kondrla.

Lone Runners: Let's move on! - Martin Repka / SR / 2019/82 min

Tuesday 12 November, 5 pm and 8 pm

cinema / Be2Can

Synonyms (dir. Nadav Lapid)

Israeli young Yoav, who has just arrived in Paris, finds himself in quite a comical situation. Naked in the bathroom of an empty apartment with no personal affects. He is rescued by a couple who lives upstairs. Yoav gets the money and clothes to start a new life. Even though she runs away from her native land, which she considers "disgusting, smelly, obscene and vulgar," she is unable to escape her identity. No matter what language you speak, some native synonyms simply can't be rid of. The film won the main prize at this year's Berlinale - the Golden Bear.

Synonyms - Nadav Lapid / FR, IL, DE / 2019/123 min / Czech subtitles

Thursday - Saturday, November 14 - 16

Travel festival

On the way

12 presentations over 3 days. How to survive 5 years on the go? How do I travel on the Transiberian Highway? Freeride in Tanshan, Lofoten, Iceland, New Zealand, Japan, 3,800 kilometers on the Pacific Ridge, two field 'dragons' to Georgia and much more at the November issue of the popular travel festival.

Thursday and Friday, 21 and 22 November, 19.00 

Theater performance 


This performance aims to discuss the organization of human society, the systematisation of interpersonal relationships, work efficiency and performance enhancement, mechanisms of control, control and management, communication oversaturation and the risk of destabilization and collapse. Partial themes look through the perspective of individuality and collectivity, centralization and decentralization, activity and passivity. The starting point of the practical side of the project is a confrontational interface between the scenic and virtual reality environment, attacking the perception of the audience and testing its limits. Director: Lucia Repašská Performers: Zdenek Polak, Janet Prokesova, Radim Brychta, Zuzana Smutkova, Magda Strakova

Saturday 23. 11., 10.00 - 17.00


Natural soap production course

All-day cold process soap production led by experienced lecturer Ing. Zuzana Gegová, who has been producing soaps and natural cosmetics for several years. Login at

Sunday 24. 11., 19.00


Whiskey Travel Cinema: Southwest USA

The vast deserts and vast canyons of Arizona, off-road driving through Colorado's autumnal forests up to 4,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains, bizarre rock formations in Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Utah, the huge sand dunes of the Great Sand Dunes National Park, the breathtaking Colorado River meanders, one of the most picturesque coastal roads in the world and white pacific beaches under the high rock cliffs of California's Big Sur, hot Death Valley, or trekking in the beautiful NP Zion, the world's largest trees in Sequoia NP, but also Las Vegas San Francisco… this will also be discussed in the next instalment of Whiskey Travel Cinema.

Tuesday, 26 November

film screenings 17.00 and 20.30

discussion with filmmakers 19.00

Amnesty (dir. Jonáš Karásek)

Author's screening of the new Czech-Slovak film Amnesty. Director Jonáš Karásek and producer and screenwriter Maroš Hečko will be discussed. The debate will be moderated by Fedor Blaščák - the composer of a new historical publication Amnesty, which was published by Slovart on the occasion of the film.

The dramatic story of three families takes place during the great social changes behind the new democratic Czechoslovakia. The defeat of totalitarianism, Havel's amnesty, and the subsequent events in Leopold prison, will greatly enter their lives.

Amnesty - Jonáš Karásek / Slovakia, Czech Republic / 2019/130 min

Wednesday 27. 11., 19.00

author's projection / KineDok

Tarzan's Testicles (dir. Alexandru Solomon)

In Abkhazia, researchers have been trying to achieve what humanity has long dreamed of - controlling nature, extending life, and conquering the universe… For 90 years, monkeys have been using it for this purpose. In 1927, they brought orangutan Tarzan to Sukhumi to create a cross between man and monkey, which was the first step in establishing a kindergarten. Since then, primate experiments in the Caucasus have continued and pushed the boundaries of science all the way to fiction. Monkeys have been used to invent the elixir of longevity, cure for cancer, or were sent into space ... And this story continues today.

We will screen the film with the participation of screenwriter and cameraman Radu Gorgos.

Tarzan testes (Ouale lui Tarzan) - Alexandru Solomon / RO, FR / 2018/105 min / Slovak subtitles

Friday 29. 11., 20.00 

concert Lyrik H 

It has been twenty-two years since Lyrik H released the album ‘Kompromis’ with the JSS band Prievidza. However, the co-founder of the Zlokot and Modrá hory projects did not release his first solo album called ‘Me’ until this year, as a bonus was added to the Sweet 16 EP. They prepared a program that is a cross-section of Lyrik's previous work, with an emphasis on the latest recordings, while missing, perhaps unexpected, live editing of several songs.

Sunday 1. 12., 19.00 

language cafe BlaBlaBar # 11 

The December issue of the BlaBlaBar language café will be held in an informal atmosphere. Bring your favourite board games or cards - we'll have fun getting to know eachother and play together whgilst spend time talking to new people. Entrance is free, but we will look forward to any snacks you want to bring.

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