January Program

Tuesday, 7 January | 17.00 and 20.00 Cinema / Be2Can


Nora Fingscheidt / D / 2019/118 min / Czech subtitles

The term “System Crasher” is used for problem children who break all the rules. This is 9-year-old Benni, who is gradually thrown out of every social care facility she enters. Yet, this is exactly what she wants. All this behaviour is with aims to her final goal. To live with her mother again: a woman who is unable to cope with her daughter's erratic behavior.

Admission: 4.00 / 3.00 €

Saturday 11. 1. | 10.00 - 13.00

Small Flea market

The New Year's flea market is a good opportunity to de-clutter in the new year. Unwanted Christmas presents? Old clothes? Ornaments sat on your shelf for way too long? The Flea market is the place for you get rid of all this whilst maybe opicking up a few bargins on things you won't find anywhere else. And if all else fails, the bar will be open and the coffee hot.

        Those interested in the sale should write to malytrh@stanica.sk.


Tuesday, 14 January | 17.00 and 20.00


Parasite (Gisaengchung)

Joon Ho Bong / South Korea / 2019/132 min / Czech subtitles

The black comedy follows a poor but cunning family of four who decides to infiltrate the wealthy business of Park Business. What happens when two worlds collide? The original work masterfully works with elements of thriller, drama, but also satire and brings a witty and unpredictable viewing experience.

Admission: € 4.00 / € 3.00; with ASFK 3,50 / 2,50 €

Wednesday 15. 1. | 19:00

A movement-visual performance inspired by Sylvie Plath's poetry


Sylvie Plath's poems with her diary notes, glass bell and Ivana Hostová's study The Infinite Distance, Infinite Proximity - Female Body in Poetry by S. Plath and M. Haug were the main starting materials in the creation process. The second level consists of audio interviews with the poet itself and excerpts of her poems.

Ariel is an author project of students of the Department of Puppetry at the Theater Faculty of VŠMU.

Admission: 5,00 / 3,00 €

Saturday 18. 1. | 15.00 and 17.00

Puppet Theatre

THeatro Quad: Long-wide-sharp-sighted

The well-known miraculous qualities of the Long, the Wide and the Bright-eyed all take on a much more common form when they hide into the human qualities of the three Prince's friends. Nevertheless, miraculous moments remain in the fairy tale. Recommended for viewers from 3 years.

THeatro Quads: Tomáš Hudcovič, Hana Hudcovičová Lukšů

Admission: 4,00 € / person from 3 years

Tuesday 21. 1. | 17.00 and 20.00


Grace (Ułaskawienie)

Jan Jakub Kolski / PL / 2018/100 min / Czech subtitles

"Drofus" was killed in 1946, the security department digs his body up four times to make sure he is really dead. The soldier's mother cannot bear the humiliation and convinces her husband to steal the coffin with their son's body and together go to Kalwaria Pacławska to finally lay their son to rest.

Admission: € 4.00 / € 3.00; with ASFK 3,50 / 2,50 €

Thursday - Friday 23 - 24 January

Travel Festival

On the way

In the January issue of A Journey Through the Way, you will see a lecture on the Continental Divide Trail - the hardest and longest trek in the US. Amongst the first in Slovakia. There is also an 8-month crazy 40,000 km cross trip across America, Iceland from a different perspective, a bike trip through Iran, Armenia, Georgia, but also an old pioneer of Kyrgyzstan.

Saturday 25. 1. | 20:00


Martin Matys & Kenny Rough, Luna 99, DJ Crxo

We will start the concert year 2020 with home hip hop. The guys from Ty Never Label will be visited by Martin Matys and Kenny Rough with their new album ‘20,000 miles under the sea’.With the supporting act, young rapper Luna 99, afterparty will be played by DJ Crxo, one of the founders of the now non-existent Žilina hip hop band Real Werbal.

Tickets available in advance: 10,00 / 8,00 €; on the night 12,00 / 10,00 €

Tuesday 28. 1. | 17.00 and 20.00

cinema / Be2Can

Sorry, We Missed You

Ken Loach / GB, FR, BE / 2019/100 min / Czech subtitles

Ricky and his family have been struggling because of the debt since the financial crisis of 2008. The opportunity to get back on their feet comes with a new van that will give Ricky a chance to become a self-employed driver. Award-winning British director Ken Loach has shot another social drama out of the lives of people in need.

Admission: 4.00 / 3.00 €

Wednesday 29. 1. | 19:00


Evening of the best films and commercials of 2019

The year 2019 brought extraordinary works in the world of cinematography, television production and advertising. During the film evening we will present only the best of modern perception of audiovisual art. Accompanied by the editor-in-chief of Kinema.sk Peter Konečný.

Admission: 5.00 / 4.00 €

Thursday - Sunday 30. 1. - 2. 2.

Human Rights documentary film festival

One world

Are we completely lost?

We offer you a cocktail of movies that open your eyes, help you think and understand the context critically, and help you navigate the space full of information and fake news. Give us a few days and we'll be completely lost.

Admission per film: € 2.00; pass 8,00 / 6,00 €

Monday - Friday 27 January - 7 February

One World School Screenings

One World for Schools

As part of the One World festival, we offer school groups screenings of documentary films on current social issues, problems and solutions. Documentaries covering the topics of civic education, history, biology and geography will be screened with the introduction of experts and discussions with students on the topics of films. Screenings take place in the morning at Stanica.

More information and login: Martin Krištof, martin@stanica.sk


Thursday Jan 30

18.00 Ask your 1989

20.00 Wild Ride

Bing Liu / USA / 2018 / 100min / st

Friday Jan 31

17.00 #Followers

Nicolaas Veul, Duco Coops / NL / 2018 / 50min / st, at

18.00 Grain of Jan

Michal Stasak, Jakub Gajdos / SR / 2019/49 min

screening and discussion with director M. Stasak

20.00 Last Shepherd

Ton van Zantvoort / NL / 2018/81 min / st

Saturday Feb 1

16.00 Hunting

Pernille Rose Grønkjær / DK, BR, DE / 2019 / 100min / st

18.00 Forest Protection Group Wolf - New Nature Conservation Act

presentation of efforts for new zoning in national parks

19.00 About Fathers and Sons

Talal Derki / DE, LB, QA, SY / 2017 / 98min / st

Sunday Feb 2

17.00 Hungry Ghost Island

Gabrielle Brady, DE, GB, AU / 2018/98 min / st, at

19.00 The World's Tale

Patrick Allgaier, Gwendolin Weisser / D / 2017 / 125min / st

at, st - English or Slovak subtitles

Program subject to change.

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