February Program

Thursday - Sunday, January 30 - February 2

human rights documentary film festival

One world

Are we completely lost?

At the turn of January and February we regularly organize the the ‘One World Film Festival’ in Žilina. Also this year we offer a cocktail of documents that open your eyes, help critically think and understand the context and make it possible to navigate the space full of information and fake news. Traditional part of the tour are projections for schools, as well as screenings and discussions. Detailed program can be found at www.stanica.sk

Tuesday 4. 2., 16.30 and 20.00

cinema / Be2Can

Goodbye, son (dir. Wang Xiahua)

Some meetings are only for a moment, some farewells can take a lifetime. ‘Goodbye, Son’ is a superbly exposed family saga that captures the transformation of Chinese society through the story of a married couple affected by a fatal tragedy. An emotional melodrama as well as a pervasive study of cultural and political transformations, the film follows its protagonists over the course of three decades - from the upheavals of the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1980s to the troubled prosperity of China's current turbo-capitalism. The unpretentious, extraordinarily moving and well-shot film is proof that big feelings don't need big gestures.

Goodbye to the Son (Wang Jiang Chang) - Wang Xiaoyu / CN / 2019/185 min / Czech subtitles

Saturday 8. 2., 15.30

fancy ball for children and their parents


The Dance of the Year is here again. This time the theater group Odivo will arrive and will not fly away so quickly. He will fly with us from start to finish. It will begin with Aero, followed by creative workshops and dance floor for all children and their parents in masks, costumes or even without. The event is suitable for children of toddler, preschool and younger school age.

Tuesday 11 February, 5 pm and 8 pm


Matthias and Maxime (dir. Xavier Dolan)

Matthias and Maxime have been inseparable friends since childhood. However, when they are asked to kiss for the camera while they are making a student film, everything suddenly changes. The seemingly unbreakable bond is disturbed by doubts as to what emotions they actually possess. Years pass and their paths diverge, but with thirty on their necks, they both have to make decisions that will fundamentally affect their future. In the eighth film, Xavier Dolan once again tackles the themes of friendship, family relationships and love, to bring an intimate portrait of two groping men, one trying to suppress his nature and the other to live authentic.

Matthias and Maxime - Matthias et Maxime - Xavier Dolan / CA / 2019/119 min / Czech subtitles

Wednesday 12. 2., 20.00


Diamond Terrifier x Trouble (US), Kordik / Matejka / Toth

Diamond Terrifier is a solo project by Sam Hillmer - a composer, saxophonist, curator, visual artist, a prominent figure in New York's downtown and noise-jazz and experimental scene there. He is well known primarily as the founder and key figure of the Brooklyn avant-garde group ZS. His concert return to Station will be enriched by a visual component directed by the artistic duo Trouble (Sam Hillmer and Laura Paris). He will be seconded by the home electro-acoustic trio Kordík / Matejka / Tóth. The electric guitar, the modular synthesizer, the soprano saxophone, and the extensive vocals form a balanced combination of acoustic and electronic polarities within an unknown and discovering sound territory.

Friday 14. 2., 19.00


Parasite (dir. Joon Ho Bong)

The black comedy follows a poor but cunning four-member family who decides to infiltrate the wealthy business of Park Business. What can happen if two different worlds meet? The original work masterfully works with elements of thriller, drama but also satire and brings a witty and unpredictable viewing experience. The parasite has been described by many as the funniest winner of the Cannes festival since Pulp Fiction, and has also won a Golden Globe and 6 Oscar nominations.

Parasite (Gisaengchung) - Joon Ho Bong / South Korea / 2019/132 min / Czech subtitles

Saturday 15 February, 3 pm and 5 pm

Puppet Theatre

Puppets Without Borders: Uncooked cookie

There was a trumpet once and there was a confectioner. Together they baked hellish good vanilla cakes. But once it happened, one of the cakes was so impatient and so eager that he fled the world before it was baked. And what happened to him in that world? Whom did he meet, and why did he self-cry on his own? And how did he end up with him? You can find out in a puppet baked vanilla fairy tale for children from 3 to 100 years. After the end of the performance there is a creative confectionery workshop.

Sunday 16. 2., 18.00

Author projection

Air for Breathing (dir. Johanna Schellhagen)

The documentary film by director Johanna Schellhagen follows the history of the "Group of opposition trade unionists" (GoG), which was created at the Opel plant in Bochum, Germany. From the early 1970s to the closure of the factory in 2014, employees fought for shorter working hours and opposed increasing productivity, outsourcing or layoffs. Today they review their results and offer lessons for younger colleagues - also in Slovak automakers.

After the screening, we will discuss with one of the protagonists of the film, Wolfgang Schaumberg, who is a founding member of the GoG.

Air for Breathing (Luft zum Atmen - 40 Jahre Opposition bei Opel in Bochum) - Johanna Schellhagen / DE / 2019/70 min / Slovak subtitles

Tuesday 18 February, 17.00 and 20.00


25 km / h (dir. Markus Goller)

After many years of separation and different ways of life, two brothers meet at the funeral of their father. Initial battle directly at the cemetery, subsequent kar and night visit to the birthplace, alcohol and table tennis - all this ultimately leads the brothers to a fatal decision. In emotional (and alcohol) intoxication, they embark on a journey they have dreamed of as little boys. On a trip across Germany on old mopeds with a speed limited to 25 km / h. A journey full of peaks and falls begins, fraternal delays and convergence, humor and the search for the meaning of life…

25 km / h - Markus Goller / DE / 2018/115 min / Czech subtitles

Thursday 20. 2., 19.00


Martin Hodon et al .: negativ_eGOtrip

The author's production negativ_eGOtrip is a performance analysis and at the same time a theatrical essay that maps the theme of violence. Through collective authorial work, he analyzes interpersonal relationships with a focus on the materialization of evil.

Director: Martin Hodoň

Performers: Maria Sevcikova, Lukas Jurko, Peter Tilajcik

Saturday 22. 2., 12.00 - 18.00

Hot soap production course

Have you already done the production of natural soap by a cold process and want to move on? Do you want to learn how to make soap that is much more silky and nutritious? The course will be led by an experienced lecturer Ing. Zuzana Gegová, who has been producing soaps and natural cosmetics for several years.

Tuesday 25 February, 5 pm and 8 pm

cinema / Be2Can

Anthology of the Ghost Town (dir. Denis Côté)

Somewhere in Quebec, the death of 21-year-old Simon shakes the remote village of Irénée-les-Neiges. However, the pragmatic mayor refuses the arrival of a psychologist - according to her, a closed community, made up of a modest 215 people, can cope with the tragedy itself. But the opposite is true: frosty days stretch endlessly, old orders are unsustainable, and mysterious characters slowly emerge from the fog. However, what seems strange and incomprehensible sometimes has a much more aware basis than we would have liked. A melancholic and witty, poetic and political film by Québec director Denis Côté uses the traditional iconography of ghost films to metaphorically tell us of our fear of 'another'.

Anthology of the Ghost Town (Répertoire des villes disparues) - Denis Côté / CA / 2019/97 min / Czech subtitles

Wednesday 26. 2., 18.00, Kocka Gallery climbs through the hole

exhibition opening and author's presentation

Alexandra Sihelska: ReFlek

Kocka Climbing Gallery is an unusual and temporary exhibition space - a hole in a reconstructed building on Hálkova Street. The second exhibitor will be the student of audiovisual studies at FAMU Alexandra Sihelská with the ReFlek project. After the opening, Alexandra's work will be presented at the Station, including a screening of short films.

Friday 28. 2., 20.00


Unstrung Harp

Unstrung Harp is a Slovak-Czech lo-fi band based in Žilina. In 2018, she released her debut album Sketches of Future Sweaters with songs about the inventor of the deadly rays, a basketball player who wants to become a superhuman, relic cosmic rays and other weird and disturbing things.

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