Nova synagóga:


2. 8. – 4. 9.


Kristína Kandriková: Deň potom, ako zapadlo slnko

The artworks of the exhibition – site-specific installations – created as objects that depend on the light of the New Synagogue’s space and its variability. Kristína Kandriková uses colour reflections and light, layers of a painting and its intensity, as well as sunlight traveling through the central hall of the New synagogue. In addition to the objects, colour fills the entire space and in that way viewers become part of the exhibition, find themselves in it. The curator of the exhibition is Martina Mäsiarová.


Saturday 6. 8., at 8:00 p.m.

music event

Concert for Vrba Wetzler Memorial 2022: Michal Matejčík

Harpist Michal Matejčík is a native of Žilina who successfully works in Vienna. In addition to the classical repertoire, he is also known for his regular crossovers into other genres (e.g. concert collaboration with the singer George Michael or the group Depeche Mode). His solo concert is preceded by a program of a traditional march in the footsteps of the so-called authors. Vrba and Wetzler (details at


7. 8. – 14. 8.


Performative residency of Petr Tilajčík and Lýdia Ondrušová

A pair of actors and performers of the residency here are following up their author’s performance entitled Anton in an enthusiastic way. They do not consider its introduction as a finished process, they continue it, develop it, move it forward… The main content topic is pain, which springs from many sources, is elusive and often surfaces in unexpected forms. The New synagogue becomes their rehearsal room, studio, stage. During normal opening hours, visitors have the opportunity to take a look at their creative process.


Friday 12. 8., at 8:00 p.m.

music event


The concert version of the album with the soundpainting title is the result of the collaboration of renowned Slovak musicians (Oskar Rózsa, Martin Valihora, Andrej Šeban, Miki Skuta, Oskar Török, Stano Palúch, Marcel Comendant, Rasťo Andris), who were invited by the singer, arranger and long-time music editor at RTVS Zuzana Mojžišová. In its own way, it presents folk songs from various regions of Slovakia (they accompany and surround a person’s life from birth to death). From lullabies – through love songs, work songs, wedding songs, emigration songs, entertainment songs, ceremonial folklore songs, etc. – to tears.


Friday 19. 8., at 8:00 p.m.

music event

Alf Carlsson / Jiří Kotača Quartet

Concert of the joint project of Swedish guitarist Alf Carlsson and Czech trumpeter Jiří Kotač. The two musicians were united by their studies in Rotterdam in Netherlands, and planned a trip half a year after their return to their hometown. In November of 2019, they released their positively received album called Journeys (Amplion Records) and played dozens of concerts at jazz festivals and clubs in Sweden, Slovakia, Germany and Czech Republic. The band gradually expanded, with members such as most sought-after slovak jazzmen of the younger generation Peter Korman on double bass and Kristián Kuruc on drums.


Sunday 21. 8., at 8:00 p.m.

music event

Nate Wood: fOUR

A solo performance by the phenomenal drummer Nate Wood, who came to us with the ambitious fOUR project. He controls all the instruments on stage – analog synthesizers, drums, bass and vocals. With a project that is somewhere between progressive rock and electronic instrumental music, Nate performs all over the world and gains his large international audience thanks to viral videos on YouTube and Facebook.


27. 8. – 2. 9.


Residence of students of the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University in Košice

5 young authors and artists will meet for a week-long, intensive residency to create works for a joint exhibition. The works will be created organically, inspired by walks around the gallery and especially in nature. The result will be poetic, creative recordings, performances, videos and photographs. The exhibition will also include „live“ outputs from the creation process on the gallery’s Instagram profile. Among other things, these 5 female artists are connected by the fact that they all come from the Faculty of Arts TU in Košice. Students of sculpture and painting will also work with collected, recycled, found natural materials, music and sound so that the result is one common, connected, emotional installation.


We prepare:

10 očí  – exhibition of students of the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University in Kosice

Theatre Pôtoň  – Swing Heil!

22. 9. – 25. 9.


Žilina’s literature festival 2022



Stanica Žilina-Záriečie:


every Wednesday, at 6:00 p.m.


Yoga in the park

In august as well we continue together with the lecturers from the Žilina Shanti Centre – Lucia and Igor. They practice classic hatha yoga enriched with chi kung elements in our park, in any weather. Beginners, advanced, old, young are welcome – in short, everyone who wants to stretch, practise, strengthen the body and relax the mind.


4. 8. – 5. 8.


Cestou necestou Open air

The travelling festival invites you to its first summer open air edition in our summer cinema under Rondel. You can look forward to two evenings of lectures with top presenters from Slovakia and Czech Republic. We will visit exotic Thailand, with Mili we will cross Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the funny Slavek will tell us about how he travelled around the world several times and we will look at Chernobyl before and during the occupation. Details at


Tuesday 9. 8., at 8:30 p.m.

summer cinema

Fire of Love

The (un)real love story of two volcanologists, which will strike you not only with its depth, but above all with its unique visual process – a combination of hard-to-believe authentic footage, music and live editing.

Canada, USA 2022 / 93 min / director and screenplay: Sara Dosa


Tuesday 16. 8., at 8:30 p.m.

summer cinema

Pulp Fiction

Three seemingly unrelated stories from the bloody underworld forming one story full of stylised violence, drugs, now cult dialogues and above all absurd situations and unexpected plot twists. A post-modern analysis of the twisted life of criminals, God’s will, settling scores, foot massages and translating the names of burgers, it was a huge worldwide success with both audiences and critics.

USA / 1994 / 154 min / directed by: Quentin Tarantino


Wednesday 17. 8., at 6:00 p.m.



An encounter with bundles and with a tool. Poetry is a space in which the word is shared from eye to eye, from the mouth closer to the soul, from music to the unknown. A group of wanderers (Marek Raček, Lukáš Krč-Turba, Ema Cintulová, Filip Bednár, Milan Tarina) will introduce you to the landscapes that exist in everyone, but a bit more in a different manner. In addition to them, we also invite you to the presentation – shameless ones who would also like to share their verses.


Thursday 18. 8., at 8:00 p.m.

cinema + lecture

Evening of the biggest film mistakes with Peter Konečný

Do you also sometimes get excited when you notice a mistake in movies that others don’t notice? For example, when an actor is suddenly wearing something different than a few seconds ago, or when there are electric poles in a film set in the 15th century, or when a sound engineer forgets to be in front of the camera with a falling microphone? We invite you to look at cinematography with the editor-in-chief of the portal again in a completely different way. 


22. 8. – 25. 8.


Hory a mesto Žilina

The 10th year of the popular mountain film and adventure festival brings a tour of the best from Bratislava’s parental festival Hory a mesto. Don’t miss the worldly mountain film production! Every day, two series of feature films are always supplemented by shorter, fascinating films that capture various adrenaline-pumping activities. You can also look forward to interesting guests, discussions and great lectures with presentations.


22. 8. and 29. 8., 6:00 p.m.


Let’s meet in one rhythm (Stretnime sa v jednom rytme)

„Just like that, in summer under Rondel,  young and old, with a desire to drum together. I want to offer you or your children a lesson in common rhythm, try to lead your own musical orchestra or improvise in it, listen to the group and be heard. Just like that, without preconceptions and a need for a musical instrument, come and harmonise with me in one rhythm. I look forward to seeing you – Zuza Burianová“.


Tuesday 30. 8., at 8:30 p.m.

summer cinema

The exorcist

Twelve-year-old Regan lives with her mother in Washington. All of a sudden she begins to exhibit strange symptoms – levitation, great physical strength and extreme behaviour. When the doctors couldn’t help, her desperate mother called a priest from the neighbourhood for help. The devil entered Regan’s body. Masturbating with a crucifix, the Virgin Mary turning into a prostitute – accessibility classification R (under 17 only accompanied by a parent) and Catholic groups pushed up to accessibility X (highest accessibility). Civic activists fought to stop the film on the grounds of harm to viewers, but were unsuccessful in the courts. Exorcist is essentially a horror film, and its vulgarity and violence are not out of proportion to its subject matter.

USA / 1973 / 122 min / directed by: William Friedkin


We prepare:

Wednesday 21. 9.


Literature night