May 2023 in New synagogue:

20. 3. – 25. 6.

Instead of an exhibition

Exercising Space

We continue to offer the opportunity to enjoy the empty and clean architecture of the Synagogue, as well as a variety of different activities that we will fit into it. The central space is open differently during this period – it is available to the public during events, guided tours with our guides, or pre-arranged visits. Contact: Adriana (Arie) Hoštaková,


6. 5., 14. 5. and 28. 5., 4:00 pm

Guided tours

Planned walks with commentary from our young guides are also offered on days without other programs. You can experience the architecture of Peter Behrens (and Martin Jančok). Sign up either by purchasing a ticket online or by email at contact: Adriana (Arie) Hoštaková,


until 23. 6.


With Your Own Eyes

A permanent offer of visual educational programs realized by artists. The opportunity to personally experience contemporary art and architecture, to experience new ways of perception and thinking, and to try new working methods. Ordering through contact: Katarína Škamlová,


Wednesday, 3. 5., 7:00 pm


Divadlo na Peróne: We, People!

„The sea level is rising…The climate and the world are changing…The earth is warming up…Slowly, but surely…“. An interactive, theatrical and social game in which viewers become active citizens and their choices affect what happens in the country – on stage. They determine the direction of the game and the actions of the actors and immediately see the consequences of their decisions. How will their choices impact the outcome?


Friday, 5. 5., 12:00 pm


NEBĽABOC! Intensive workshop on communication skills with Divadlo na peróne

A training for personal development. It uses basic acting techniques to help improve communication skills. It is intended for anyone who wants to use the wider possibilities of their body, breath, speech, and voice as a working tool and expressive medium. Instructors: Peter Kočiš and Jana Wernerová.


Saturday, 6. 5., 2:00 pm

Something More from Modex – clothing, fabrics, and needles from the former textile factory

Katka Galdunová ( dove once again into the depths of the closed textile production of Modex Žilina and found more things. This time, mainly clothing, a few fabrics, and needles for sewing machines. Things that can serve people. The second batch is by far not as large as the first, but we again invite everyone who sews, creates, and produces to a community bazaar. And maybe even more for those who do not want to sew and choose from the already finished models.


Thursday, May 11, 7:00 pm


Late Harvest: On Long Sleeves

The author’s project brings themes of closeness, boundaries, but also permeability and limitation in motion images. It explores the degree of close to narrow contact with a partner that does not depend on metric distance. The patience with which we undertake processes set „on long sleeves“ provides us with the opportunity to reflect on our spontaneous decisions and reactions, the opportunity to enjoy presence and reality, and to slide in the open space on the imaginary curves of the geographic record of beauty and joy.


Saturday, May 13, from 9:00 am


Be Lenka – community bazaar, workshops, discussions

Continuation of the popular event of the increasingly popular barefoot shoe producer from Žilina ( This time, we will expand the bazaar into a small barefoot festival. Its detailed program will be published soon.


Tuesday, May 16, 7:00 pm


Ad Hoc Trio + Vladislav Slnko Šarišský & Oskar Török

Basically, chance helped with an unusual music dramaturgy: chamber Ad Hoc trio players will perform, and we have invited the famous improviser, pianist, composer, and educator Vladislav Slnko Šarišský to the program, who, in turn, invited our internationally acclaimed jazz trumpeter Oskar Török. The result will be a concert in which, in addition to expert performance in classical, contemporary classical, and jazz genres, we will also experience the otherness of musical composition and musical improvisation.


Friday, May 19, 10:00 pm


Bábková Žilina 2023 – Latrino Cubano

Together with the Bábkové divadlo Žilina, we invite you to the 8th year of the live festival. In addition to the main tent in „Bábkači,“ some events will also take place in our cultural centers.


Thursday, May 25, 8:00 pm


SWANS – Europe Tour 2023

Star-filled nights bring the legendary New York group SWANS to us. With their presence since the 1980s, the band sets the direction and pushes the boundaries of how rock music can sound. In many incarnations, led by frontman Michael Gira, SWANS musicians have explored several sound territories from no wave, industrial, to their own painful version of endless balladic rock litanies. The only concert in their European tour (the first in six years) will be played in the space of the New Synagogue, which will be an experience in itself.


Saturday, May 27, 9:00 am


Žilina Chess Festival 2023

A tournament for children and youth organized by the Šachový klub Mladosť Žilina and the Centrum voľného času Žilina. The aim is to popularize chess among children and youth. Anyone who wants to play can register. Contact:




MAY 2023

at Žilina-Záriečie Station:

Tuesday, May 2, 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM


Cinema: The Event

The adaptation of the autobiographical novel by the newly awarded Nobel laureate for 2022, Annie Ernaux, tells the story of a young woman’s physical and emotional struggle for an illegal abortion in a desperate race against time. A strong and compelling drama set in a society that condemned female desire and sexual freedom.

L’événement, France, 2021, 100 min, Director: Audrey Diwan


Thursday, May 4, 6:00 PM


Ondrej Sokol: How I Drove Koreans

After two successful parts about driving Norwegians, the writer and public transport driver comes with stories about driving Koreans. The exchange of passengers brings new ways to complicate the bus driver’s life, and the author does not hesitate to describe them in detail. A meeting, a reading from the new book, autographs, and above all, a live discussion with Ondrej Sokol, who will come as a true public transport fan to the Station by train!


Saturday, May 6, 8:00 PM


Midi Lidi in Žilina

The electro-pop ensemble Midi Lidi sets off on a tour with a stop at the Station. New lyrics, new (two) albums, and a joint appeal to recordings: „Let’s try to communicate!“ cannot leave us indifferent. So let’s go!


Tuesday May 16, 17:00 – 20:00


Cinema: Visitors

The documentary film Visitors by Czech director Veronika Liskova tells the story of a young woman named Zdenka, who uncovers the unequal living conditions in a seemingly flawlessly functioning multicultural settlement in the north of the planet. Besides observation, she decides to change the situation around her.

Visitors, Czech Republic, 2022, 82 min., Directed by: Veronika Liskova


Wednesday May 17, from 18:00


Night of Literature Žilina 2023

For the twelfth time in Žilina! At eight unconventional places in the city, you can stop by and listen to excerpts from European literature, which will be read by various personalities. For this year’s readings, we have chosen places that symbolize mutual aid and empathy. Specific locations will be announced gradually.


Saturday May 20 – 21, from 20:00


Bábková Žilina 2023 – Theatre Houže, Odivo, Daša fon Fľaša

Together with the Bábková Theatre Žilina, we invite you to the 8th edition of the live festival. Besides the main stage in „Bábkači,“ some events will also take place in our cultural centers.


Tuesday May 23, 17:00 – 20:00


Cinema: Neighbors

A small village on the Syrian-Turkish border in the early 1980s. Six-year-old Kurdish boy Sero experiences his first school year in an Arabic school and has to watch as his small world is radically changing during absurd nationalism.

Nachbarn, Switzerland, 2022, 124 min, Directed by: Mano Khalil


Wednesday May 24, from 9:30


Human Forum Žilina – Strategic Meeting of Civil Society

We are at a crossroads. What path will we choose after 30 years of independence? The Civil Platform for Democracy in cooperation with the Institute for Democracy at Matej Bel University and the network of cultural centers Antenna invites activists and representatives of non-governmental organizations, as well as representatives from other sectors (schools, educational institutions, local and public administration, and entrepreneurs) to a working meeting and discussion.


Tuesday May 30, 17:00 – 20:00


Cinema: The Blue Caftan

A Moroccan clothing shop becomes the scene of an unexpected love triangle in a subtle and fragile story about different forms of love.

Le Bleu du caftan, France, Morocco, 2022, 122 min., Directed by: Maryam Touzani