February Program

Tuesday | 9 Feb | 19.00 | ONLINE, Stanica’s Facebook page


Maroš Mastrák: How to change the fact that the development of one drug is long and overpriced? (SK)


Lecture by a young research associate in which he presents a startup dealing with the issue of so-called blood microsamples and the challenges of clinical trials that are conducted in hospitals. Would it be possible to conduct these trials 100% from home?

Admission: Donation-based (3 euros)



Friday | 12 Feb | 20.00 | ONLINE, Nová synagóga’s Facebook page

Musical performance

Darkness positive


Live broadcast of a concert by a band of great musicians from Martin and Žilina. Performed by Šimon Švidraň / guitar, vocals; Adrián Simonides / bass guitar; Matej Novak / alt. saxophone; Matej Richtarčík / drums.

Admission: Donation-based (5 euros)



Mon, Sun | 24 Jan to 15 Feb | 08.00 | ONLINE

Online performance

Levin Eichert : Oranges great journey / online performance (EN)


We offer this interactive Zoom performance to lift the spirit after long months of online education. The performer - Levin - a student himself from Academy of performing arts in Prague, creates a safe and playful environment for imagination and experiments with online space. The performance is in English, therefore it is suitable for language classroom. Recommended for age 14+ ,from B1 English level.

Admission: FREE



Tuesday | 23 Feb | 19.00 | ONLINE, Stanica’s Facebook page

Musical performance

Julo Fujak: kaleidoSONICope! (Hevhetia 2020)


A virtual meeting with a musician, composer, publicist, producer, playwright and, last but not least, an academic who will be presenting his fresh new album.

Admission: Donation based (3 euros)



25 Jan to 26 Feb | Nová synagóga

Art residency

Ondrej Veselý: Žitie hudby v Žiline / Living Music in Žilina


Together with a guitarist and a "music reporter", we make notes about the places and people who take care of music in Žilina.



6-26 Feb | Nová synagóga

Art residency

Lucie Páchová: a sound project for the Sphéra


Lucie Páchová is a sound artist who will be coming to Nová synagóga to work on a sound project that communicates with the Sphéra. Making use of binaural 3D Audio, the artist plans to give the audience an immersive experience of the Sphéra via an online stream.



Wed, Thu, Sun | 10-28 Feb | 13.00, 16.00, 19.00 | ONLINE

One-on-one participatory performance

En-Ping Yu: Someone Has Shared A Document With You


An unusual encounter on google doc for one audience at a time. During the one-hour performance we will explore the journey together. Let's meet in 2D!

Participants need to be on computer/laptop with wifi connection.

Please register your spot here: https://forms.gle/9XAdZzR3UaYfTHMN7

Admission: Donation-based (2-5 euros)



Sunday | 28 Feb | 19.00 | ONLINE, Nová synagóga’s Facebook page


Completing the Sphere: work in progress of Juraj Gábor’s object (SK)


Currently probably the largest work of art in Slovakia, Juraj Gábor’s Sphéra has been under construction at Nová synagóga since December 2020. Now, thanks to the support of all of you, the Sphéra is entering its completion phase (1 to 28 of February). Join the talk with Juraj Gábor on the 28th to know more about it and how the project came to be.

Admission: FREE



4 Feb to 30 Mar | 19.00 | Nová synagóga

Outdoors installation

Dagmar Šubrtová: Rekultivácia


A counterpoint to Juraj Gábor’s wooden Sphéra. This installation consists of an array of metal silhouettes of dried trees, an eloquent symbol of the country's growing devastation and long-term ill-treatment of large natural territories.

Admission: FREE



Wednesday | 3 Mar | 18.00 | ONLINE, Nová synagóga’s Facebook page


Pavlína Fichta Čierna: Čierne na bielom s Jánom Markošom (SK)


The ČnB is a discussion and presentation evening in which the artist Pavlína Fichta Čierna presents interesting guests from the field of science, research and art in connection with social issues. During this discussion she will be talking to Slovak chess grandmaster Ján Markoš who writes and lectures on critical thinking and ethical dilemmas.

Admission: FREE

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