March Program

Thu, Fri | 25-26 Feb, 5 and 12 Mar | 19.00, 20.30, 22.00 | ONLINE, ZOOM

One-to-one participative performance

Nice to meet you


In NICE TO MEET YOU, two strangers meet each other for the first time, online. Each from their own home. They reveal a private part of their life through the space that they are in and the objects that live with them. Another part remains a secret. The performer invites you to search for the poetry in the little things. It’s a celebration of our everydayness! 

Admission: Donation-based (2-5 euros)


4 Feb - 30 May | 17.00 | Nová synagóga

Public art installation

Dagmar Šubrtová: Rekultivácia / Reclamation


A counterpoint to Juraj Gábor’s wooden Sphéra. This installation consists of an array of metal silhouettes of dried trees, an eloquent symbol of the country's growing devastation and long-term ill-treatment of large natural territories. Juraj Gábor will present the installation for the first time as part of an online guided tour on Friday 12 March, 5 pm.

Admission: Donation-based (5 euros)


Tue | 2 Mar | 18.00 | ONLINE, Nová synagóga’s Facebook page

Artist talk

Stretnutie s rezidentom: Ondrej Veselý / Meeting the resident: Ondrej Veselý (SK)


Ondrej deals with music - besides being an active guitarist - also from the position of a theorist and organizer. He will share with us outcomes from contacting and talking to a number of Žilina music and art life representatives about classical contemporary music issues. 

Admission: Donation-based (3 euros)


Wed | 3 Mar | 18.00 | ONLINE, Nová synagóga’s Facebook page and ZOOM


Pavlína Fichta Čierna: Čierne na bielom s Jánom Markošom (SK)


The ČnB is a discussion and presentation evening in which the artist Pavlína Fichta Čierna presents interesting guests from the field of science, research, and art in connection with social issues. During this discussion, she will be talking to Slovak chess grandmaster Ján Markoš who writes and lectures on critical thinking and ethical dilemmas.

Admission: Donation-based (5 euros)


Sun | 7 Mar | 19.00 | ONLINE, Nová synagóga’s Facebook page

Listening session

Načúvanie Sphére / Listening to Sphere


It may seem close to nothing, but it means a lot to us. After being productive we calm down to the state we are able to hear what the others have to offer. With Juraj Gábor listening to WAVES by Dutch artists Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik. LPs for now as an introduction before they come in person.

Admission: Donation-based (3 euros)


Wed | 10 Mar | 19.00 | ONLINE, Stanica’s Facebook page


What about Mont Blanc?


For everyone who wants to climb the highest mountain in Europe. Listen to the presentation and talk via zoom with international mountain guide Gabriel Mazur. You will learn what it entails and how to prepare for it. Technically, physically, mentally.

Admission: Donation-based


Thu | 11 and 18 Mar | 19.00 | ONLINE, Stanica’s Facebook page

Language café

L'apéro du café Français


Our volunteers from France, Liah Escroignard and Laura Bouflet, are here thanks to the European Solidarity Corps program Erasmus+. In their country, it is a good habit to meet outside on the terraces and talk over a glass of wine. They will try to create a similar atmosphere online - join them. Of course with a glass of wine in hand. And don't forget to dress appropriately for this occasion. The aim of the café is not to teach French, but to create a French-speaking group. To book a virtual table and register, write to 

Admission: FREE


16 Mar - 25 Apr | 19.00 | ONLINE, Nová synagóga’s Facebook page


Mary Duras and Vladimír Havrilla open the Sphere


This will be the first exhibition in Sphère: a series of experimental video art by Vladimír Havrilla (1943, Bratislava) that communicates with the statue of Mary Duras and problematize modernism, the female figure, narrative. Havrilla's work can also be seen as dematerialization of sculpture, although we plan to exhibit his two subtle statues from the 1980s depicting the first biblical man - Adam. Online opening on the 16th of March at 19.00

Admission: Donation-based


Fri | 19 Mar | 18.00 | ONLINE, Stanica’s Facebook page


Sólo pre Karin Sarkisjan / Solo for Karin Sarkisjan


Musicians remain active despite restrictions. Born and raised in Armenia, Karin Sarkisjan from behind our piano performs and sings in a premiere set of composed as well as arranged (both Armenian and Slovak) folk songs. 

Admission: Donation-based (5 euros)


Tue | 23 Mar | 18.00 | ONLINE, Stanica’s Facebook page


Cara do Mundo / Face of the World


Cara do Mundo is a Brazilian documentary that follows a group of youngsters as they discover the world within their own city, São Paulo. With a camera in their hands and the task to explore the lives of the different communities that inhabit the very same city they live in, this group of young people begin to learn that the ‘outside’ world is not so far from home. The documentary will be followed by a discussion with the director. 

Admission: Donation-based (2-5 euros)


24-31 Mar | Nová synagóga


Tomáš Janypka vo Sphére 5


The starting point for Tomáš Janypka's fifth creative entry is again the dancer's body in dialogue with the Sphere space. This time it will reflect the opening exhibition of works by Mary Duras and Vladimír Havrill. Intervening with her will be a study of slowness. This will be shown in the liveliness of the statue, the staticity of the body, meditation in movement, and slowness. 

Admission: Donation-based (3 euros)


Thu | 25 Mar | 18.00 | ONLINE, Stanica’s Facebook page


UNTERGRUNDLOS – no grounds


In this lecture-performance, Brazilian artists Bárbara Galego and Felipe dos Santos reflect on their experiences as Brazilian artists working on German territory. Taking a previous performance called BODENLOS as a starting point, the two bring up questions about roots, language, territoriality, colonial history, and performativity. At the end of the day, what does it mean to perform in a language that is not your own? The performance will be followed by a discussion with the artists. 

Admission: Donation-based (2- 5 euros)


Fri | 26 Mar | 20.00 | ONLINE, Stanica’s Facebook page


Small Town Life


The young Slovak garage-rock trio will present their newly released album, Common Gray, live from the attic of Stanica. The band is composed of singer and guitarist Jakub Spiszak (Our Stories, Genuine Jacks), bassist Martin Fratrič and drummer Philip Petison. Their music is on the verge of 90's dirt and hardness and naive 60's pop tunes. They complement their mix of guitar noise with raw vocals with catchy urgency. We present the concert in cooperation with Not An Agency.

Admission: Donation-based


Sat | 27 Mar | 19.00 | ONLINE, Stanica’s Facebook page


Confinado, Desconfinado /  Confined, Unconfined


In Confinado, Desconfinado, Brazilian performer Ícaro Pio weaves an online monologue with elements of poetry slam to bring up a discussion about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Brazilian territory. In the performance, the virus is discussed as not only a biological object but also as a state of the world. What kills is not just the molecule. The performance will be followed by a conversation between artists Ícaro Pio and Jaro Viňarský.

Admission: Donation-based (2-5 euros)


Sun | 28 Mar | 18.00 | ONLINE, ZOOM


Kresliarska seansa 2 / Drawing session 2


Anyone who wants to devote some time to it can learn to draw. During this workshop, you will do certain drawing techniques for relaxation, observing reality, contour line, and shading. Please register in advance by email at 

Admission: 10 euros


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