April Program

16 Mar - 25 Apr | 19.00 | ONLINE, Nová synagóga’s Facebook page


Mary Duras and Vladimír Havrilla open the Sphere 
Guest: Line Gate

The exhibition was introduced and opened to the public during an online interview by curators Ivo Habán and Juraj Gábor - the video from March 16, 2021 is still available at facebook.com/novasynagoga. Although it is (un)accessible until the pandemic has passed, we are offering other options for the public to view it during the lockdown in an online form. The work will be presented in the format resp. video-works with the title ‘Picture gallery opened for one hour’.

Admission: Donation-based (5 euros)


2 Apr - 30 May | 17.00 | Nová synagóga

Public art installation

Dagmar Šubrtová: Rekultivácia / Reclamation


The temporary installation is still there. A counterpoint to Juraj Gábor’s wooden Sphéra, this installation by Dagmar Šubrtová consists of an array of metal silhouettes of dried trees. It is an eloquent symbol of the country's growing devastation and long-term ill-treatment of large natural territories.  The trees are placed right outside Nova Synagoga. 

Admission: Donation-based (5 euros)


Tue | 6 Apr | 9.00 to 10.00 | ONLINE, Nová synagóga’s Facebook page

Live online video-art piece

Hodinu otvorená obrazová galéria / Picture gallery opened for one hour


Project “Sphéra” was created to be physically visited by the audience, by you. However, the limits we live under nowadays motivated us to present an older piece of Juraj Gábor Open picture gallery, which will bring an independent monumental video-piece as a representation of the authentic visit to Nová synagóga. A unique filming and streaming of seemingly static videos on mobile phones by members of Truc sphérique team will offer a variety of perspectives of our current exhibition.

Admission: Donation-based (5 euros)


8-13 Apr | Nová synagóga


Tomáš Janypka vo Sphére 6


Our year-round resident will immerse himself in the atmosphere during his next return. "If people could come to the synagogue already in April, I would probably focus on the explosion of spring around us. But I assume that I will still be alone in space and I would rather want to deal with the atmospheres…." he said.

Admission: Donation-based (3 euros)


10-15 Apr | Stanica Žilina-Záriečie

Dance residency

Slavkovská, Piktorová, Hodoň: Rauch


"Rauch is a new collaboration between two performers - Jazmína Piktorová and Tereza Slavkovská with the dramaturg and director Martin Hodoň. Their project researches a transformation of a seemingly functioning intimate relationship, slowly revealing dysfunctionality, disturbances. The concept is inspired by a dream of one of the performers, where each of them appeared in a very distinctive physical expression that manifested a decay of their connection.  

Last day of their residency the artists plan to open their creative process by moving it from a black box studio in the attic, to the bar with big windows where they will be exposed to the passerby."

Admission: FREE


Tue | 13 Apr | 13.00 to 19.00 | ONLINE, Nová synagóga’s Facebook page

Live online video-art piece

Šesť hodín otvorená obrazová galéria / Picture gallery opened for six hours


"Stay with us and live in the spirit of Juraj Gábor´s perspective of these days: “Limits, unpredictability, inner motivation and financial resources are the driving force of our indefinite creativity.”

After the previous hour long “rehearsal” we shall be ready to offer a bigger share, this time corresponding with our usual opening hours. Wish us well, it's gonna be about our coordination, communication, team spirit, good internet connection and a courage to compose ordinary slots of artificially built condensed reality around and inside Sphéra."

Admission: Donation-based (5 euros)


Thu | 15 Apr | 6.00 - 18.00 | ONLINE, Stanica’s Facebook page

Curated reality - Stanica, bar and online



Twelve hours occupying Stanica’s area as a revision of the possibility of being in the concept of Martin Hodoň, Tereza Slavkovská and Jazmína Piktorová. Práca v práci. Práca na práci. Práca pre prácu. Kontakt kontaktu kontaktom. Urbi et Orbi.

Admission: Donation-based


Sun | 25 Apr | 20.00 | ONLINE, Stanica’s Facebook page

Online concert

Made in Žilina


This evening we will start a time-limited and also genre-free series of concerts presenting local music bands. Gradually, we will present more well-known, but also beginner bands from Žilina and music projects at Stanica. The local scene deserves space and we will help create it together with you.

Admission: Donation-based


Tue | 29 Apr | 18.00 | ONLINE, Nová synagóga’s Facebook page


Čierne na bielom s Jiřím Příhodou (SK)


Another of Pavlína Fichta Čierna's regular discussions with interesting guests from the field of culture, art and science.

Admission: Donation-based

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