June Program

4 Feb - 10 June | Nová synagóga

Public art installation

Dagmar Šubrtová: Rekultivácia / Reclamation

The temporary installation is still there. A counterpoint to Juraj Gábor’s wooden Sphéra, this installation by Dagmar Šubrtová consists of an array of metal silhouettes of dried trees. It is an eloquent symbol of the country's growing devastation and long-term ill-treatment of large natural territories.  The trees are placed right outside Nova Synagoga. 

Admission: FREE


6 - 27 June | Nová synagóga


Slavomíra Ondrušová stays in the Sphere

An almost two-month long artistic residency, this will be the starting point for the artist's applied sense of a concentrated experiencing and recording of the essence of the environment in her surroundings. Slavomíra is a master of the linear trace, drawn daily in her own sketch  "notebooks". In May, she will be meandering through all the various nooks and crannies of the Sphere to find places that are not easy to get to.

Admission: Not for the public  


1 May - 30 June | Stanica

Exhibition of photographs

Døkument 20 2.1

A smaller selection - a site-specific installation of photographs in different parts of Stanica’s interior - from the Døkument 2020 exhibition, which was closed for most of its duration at the Miloš Alexander Bazovský Gallery in Trenčín at the turn of 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. In agreement with the curators Ján Viazanička, Veronika Marek Markovičová and Michaela Pašteková, we reinstalled it in the non-ceremony environment of our cultural-railway station. It is accessible according to the current pandemic measures as well as the whole Stanica.

Admission: Donation-based (5 euros)


1 June | Tue | 21.00 | Stanica

Summer cinema


Director: Charlie Chaplin / USA / 1921 / 54 min. / silent movie + Czech subtitles 

Admission: 5 euros


4 June | Fri | 19.00 | Stanica

Concert and discussion [SK]


The engaging band consists of a mixture of musicians from Slovakia and Hungary (Michal Kaščák / vocals, Miroslav Tóth / saxophone, Marek Buranovský / guitar, Lucia Chutková - Džubáková / keyboards, Jozef Krupa / drums, Márton Czernovsky / bass guitar). The author of the project is composer and saxophonist Miroslav Tóth. Marek Kundlák's lyrics together with an intense sound beyond standard genres test the conscience of the time before the revolutionary year 1989 and today. The concert is preceded by a discussion between Fedor Blaščák and Jergus Sivoš from the Nation's Memory Institute on the topic of Alojz Lorenc's career in the communist security forces in the light of archival documents.

Admission: 9 euros


4 - 27 June | Nová synagóga


Slavomíra Ondrušová and Martin Hreha stay in the Sphéra
Guests: Petra Dubach and Mario Van Horrik
Curator: Juraj Gábor
Curatorial collaboration: Erik Vilím


Process exhibition, in which the authors emphasize the demonstration of authentic traces of the process of creation, chaining of relationships and emerging connections between their works. It will begin as if through an empty Sphere and from the walls to the center of the synagogue the works will gradually increase. Opposites of concrete-abstract, procedural-static, physical-mental will be the subject "Interviews" by the two authors: Martin Hreh and Slávka Ondrušová. Both sensitive to the architectural properties of the Nová synagóga are preparing an exhibition that combines the intimacy and monumentality of a fine line of drawing, and painting gesture. At the same time, the presence of the body persists, as the introductory week of the exhibition includes movement inputs from the performer Tomáš Janypka. You will also find your place in the exhibition with the sound project WAVES from Dutch sound artists Petra Dubach and Maria Van Horri.

Admission: 5 euros


5 - 27 June | Sat | 09.00 | Stanica


Clay, water, fire, air - Japanese techniques in ceramics [SK] 

Every Saturday there will be a ceramic mini-course by Karolina Bašteková dedicated to Japanese techniques with Slovak clay.

Admission: 15 - 50  euros


8 June | Tue | 17.00 | Stanica

Online session


A pandemic project by the Prague dance group Temporary Collective. A virtual voicemail where messages, questions, thoughts, frustrations, emotions can be left and shared. Things that the body can no longer hold on its own and needs to share in order to fulfill them, to get rid of them, to complete and develop them. The box will be open virtually, but we will also create a physical space for it. 

Admission: Donation-based (3 - 5 euros)


8 June | Tue | 21.00 | Stanica

Summer cinema

Riders of Justice (Retfærdighedens Ryttere)

Director. Anders Thomas Jensen / Denmark / 2020 / 116 min. / Danish + Czech subtitles 

Admission: 5 euros


9, 17, 27 June | Tue, Thu, Sun | 18.00 | Nová synagóga

Gallery guided tours

Curatorial guided tours of the exhibition Slavomíra Ondrušová and Martin Hreha will continue in the Sphéra. In the tours we aim to help understand the possible meanings of the works and the artists' motivations for creating the exhibition just as they did. We feel it is important to point to a less standard approach, where an exhibition is gradually created over the course of a month by placing works in the gallery, revealing their effect on our senses, and then interpreting them afterwards. The difference in perception and understanding will be conveyed by Juraj Gábor in interviews with the artists.

Admission: 5 euros


9 - 30 June | Wed | 18.00 | Stanica


Yoga in the park

Until mid-September we will offer open yoga classes in the park every Wednesday, no matter the weather. The instructors of the Žilina Shanti Centre are looking forward to this after the isolation period.

Admission: 6 euros


11 June | Fri | 17.00 | Stanica


SWAP plant

A plant swap designed for anyone looking to expand their houseplant collection. As many plants as you bring, you can take away. The only requirement is that the plant is healthy.

Admission: FREE


11 June | Fri | 18.00 | Stanica

Presentation and discussion

Lokálnosť - a new human story [SK]

The Lokálnosť Initiative is a team of friends who decided to put their hand to work and get more awareness - to spread the idea, the content and the meaning of locality. We believe that understanding is the way to change.

Admission: Donation-based (3 euros)


13 June | Sun | 19.00 | Stanica


Fero Király and Eva Vozárová

A musician with a weakness for interdisciplinary projects together with a former freelance cultural journalist will perform their version of one of the most important experimental electroacoustic works at their association's ooo dinner. "I Am Sitting in a Room" by the American composer Alvin Lucier, 1969.

Admission: 5 euros


15 June | Tue | 21.00 | Stanica

Summer cinema

About Endlessness (Om det oändliga)

Director. Roy Anderson / Germany, Norway, Sweden / 2019 / 76 min. / German + Czech subtitles

Admission: 5 euros


16 June | Wed | 20.00 | Stanica


ME-SA: Momentum - authentic or athletic piece

Contour, proportion, study of detail, line redrawn several times. A dance sketch of a sculpture by Peter Sceranka, whose title would give everything away. The premiere of the dance performance by the Prague group ME-SA will be staged in our attic theatre hall. The best attempt is often not the last one…

Admission: 8 euros


18 June | Fri | 18.00 | Stanica


Made in Žilina: Disident | Moonmen | Dany Moment

Another evening with a series of concerts presenting local bands. This time three punk-oriented bands in the garden of Stanica.

Admission: 5 euros


22 June | Tue | 18.00 | Nová synagóga

Lecture and discussion

Tomáš Glanc talks about the Sphéra [SK]

A renowned Slavist, author of important scholarly publications, curator of exhibitions and translator of Russian literature, who is based at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, has accepted the invitation to contribute to Russian avant-garde art in the context of the work of the Sphéra. We will ask him about Suprematism or Constructivism. But also on themes that our monumental architectural interventions, such as Russian cosmism, actualize for us.

Admission: 5 euros


22 June | Tue | 21.00 | Stanica

Summer cinema


Director. Ivan Ostrochovský / Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Ireland / 2020 / 80 min. / Slovak

Admission: 5 euros


25 June | Fri | 19.00 | Stanica


Rap Station vol. 3 with Slam Poetry SK

A special open air event full of soaked Slovak rap. We will start the evening before the concert, as the first ones to occupy the stage will be slammers with a genre you can expect anything from. Poetry, stand up, theatre without costumes, rap. After them, we'll kick it up a notch with Tono S. & DJ Lkama. And if the current arrangement allows, we won't miss the awesome after party that night either.

Admission: 9 euros


26 June | Sat | 21.00 | Stanica


BMX Streetlife - Cheers

The last weekend of June will be the 1st round of the Slovak BMX Cup in Žilina. Under Rondl its organizers will screen the latest video of the most famous Slovak BMX crew - Streetlife. For all those who like adrenaline sports and street culture.

Admission: 3 euros


29 June | Tue | 21.00 | Stanica

Summer cinema

Best of Fest Anča 2020 

A collection of award-winning short animated films from various countries / 73 min. / accessibility from 15 years / Slovak subtitles.

Admission: 5 euros


1 - 4 July | Nová synagóga, Stanica


Fest Anča 2021

The popular international multimedia festival focusing on animation will be online. Nevertheless, the organizers have decided to stream it from the traditional locations - Nová synagóga and Stanica. And together with them, we promise that the program will be worth it, as always. We are looking forward to it!

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