July Program

1 Jul - 4 Jul | Nová synagóga, Stanica


Fest Anča 2021

During the pandemic, you can watch the 14th year of the international animation festival online, from home - we will stream all movies and other programs. However, it will be streamed live from Žilina and you can also see it in person at Nová synagóga or at Stanica Žilina-Záriečie. If you book it in advance (all practical information on festanca.sk), we will let you enter the venue at half capacity and other restrictions. Summer cannot happen without Fest Anča.

Admission: varies


1 - 31 Jul | Wed | 18.00 | Stanica


Yoga in the park

Open yoga classes in the park every Wednesday in any weather - until mid-September. The instructors of the Shanti Center in Žilina.

Admission: 6 euros


1 Jul - 8 Aug | Nová synagóga


Summer: empty Sphere

After two introductory exhibitions, when other artists entered the Sphere with their works, we leave it empty for July- mainly because we host two festivals in July. On some days it will be empty completely, come and enjoy it all by yourself (we are open from Tuesday to Sunday, 13:00 - 19:00). You can get lost in the dense forest of beams. Enter, lie down and look at the sky, or climb up the Sphere and measure its proportions. We invite you on July 10th to try skating for the public and test the Sphere with our four “riders” (artist, designer, curator, technician).

Admission: 5 euros


5 Jul | Mon | 17.00 | Stanica

Young Office: tea party

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

On Monday the 5th, an odd thing will happen. A rabbit will fall into a hole that will leave him no escape! It's the mad hatter's tea party! The table is set and the tea is brewing, all we need is people! Will you join this hullabaloo? Don't make any other plans until the evening (22:00). Bring your best suit, and an imagination for the absurd! There will be tea and cake and pencils and capes. Cats and rabbits and smokes of all palettes. It will be an afternoon of rather odd habits! The event is organised by the "Young Office of Stanica".

Admission: FREE


5 - 9 Jul | Stanica

Children activities

Summer Symposium: ATMO-SPHÉRA

Children's art symposium, which will begin on Monday and end on Friday with an hour-long exhibition in the Sphere. We will work with the children in the garden and atelier of Stanica always between 13:00 - 18:00. Accompanying this summer’s adventure will be Simona Gottierová, Hana Hudcovičová Lukšů and Karolína Bašteková. For children from 7 years old and up. For more information: maria@stanica.sk (Mária Eliášová).

Admission: 70 euros


6 Jul | Tue | 21.00 | Stanica

Summer cinema


Stand-up comedian Henry falls in love with Ann, the world-famous opera singer. Their lives will be turned upside down when the mysterious girl Annette is born with an exceptional gift. The long-awaited visionary musical director Leos Carax with the music of the band Sparks begins this year's festival in Cannes. It takes the audience on an extraordinary journey full of love, passion and glory.

Annette / Leos Carax / France / 2021 / 139 min. / French + Czech subtitles

Admission: 5 euros


8 Jul | Thu | 19.00 | Stanica


Do-it-herself: Give pockets to my clothes!

We no longer accept dresses and skirts that don’t have pockets. Why couldn't this piece of clothing be nice and functional at the same time? The solution is simple: just tear the dress at the sides, create a pocket of the required size, insert it in the "hole" and sew it together. We can provide you with the necessary material, but we will be happy if you bring your own sewing machine. Registration is not necessary, just buy a ticket. Contact is nienke@stanica.sk (Nienke Voorintholt).

Admission: 5 euros


10 Jul | Sat | 20.00 | Nová synagóga


Nina Rosa with Pasta for Breakfast

An established multi-cultural professional band with guys from an indie pop band that are just starting. On an open air stage under a linden tree on the terrace of Nová synagóga. We invite you to a pleasant summer song evening.

Admission: 6 euros


11 Jul | Sun | 12.00 | Nová synagóga


Something round about Pohoda

A playful happening by the artist Juraj Gábor, the Truc sphérique team and the spectators on the last day of the Pohoda festival. Further verification of the possibilities of the space and the situation of the Sphere need to be made. The story of the installation in the gallery space does not end. After its final uninstallation, it should find its place outdoors. From the clippings - which we have left after installing Sphere in Nová synagóga - we put something together with you at Trenčín airport and it will definitely be something round again. Round thing. Truc sphérique …

Admission: varies


13 Jul | Tue | 21.00 | Stanica

Summer cinema

Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn

The video becomes viral. It shows sex between a man and a woman in a veil. The woman is, despite the camouflage, identified. It is a pity that she is a teacher and she should have been a role model. Moreover, in the (post - socialist, but in the end any) society that will soon be lost in a seemingly unifying benevolent view of social discourse, pseudo-political omniscience, hypocritical chauvinism and grotesque conspiracy theories. Everyone has their opinion. The discussion became a tribunal - on consensual sex, pornography and more.

Babardeală cu bucluc sau porno balamuc / Radu Jude / Romania / Croatia / Czech Republic / Luxembourg / 2021 / 106 min. / Romanian + Czech subtitles

Admission: 5 euros


17 Jul | Sat | 15.00 | Stanica


Žilina re-invented: green screen the city

In this workshop we will play with green screens throughout the city. Together, we will create min-portals, into a different side of Žilina. We will walk through town, observe its corners and work together to add new elements to it. It is going to be an exploration, an experimentation. We will think of elements that could add a certain twist to the city, we will add them, we will react to them. From drawings to newly recorded footage, we will play with different textures, colors, and materials just as well as with different layers, angles and depth. By the end of the workshop we should have a little video, a snippet of our adventures. In it, we will be able to see the portals we created and the way they interact. Organized by our volunteer Luna Mafo.

Admission: FREE


17 Jul | Sat | 19.00 | Nová synagóga


Utopia in Lenin's Garden: discussion with journalist Lukáš Onderčanin [SK]

Get to know the adventurous story of Czechoslovaks who joined the Interhelpo team and went to distant Kyrgyzstan to build a socialist homeland. Slovak journalist Lukáš Onderčanin dealt with this topic in a new way in the new documentary Utopia in Lenin's Garden / Utópia v Leninovej záhrade. The discussion is part of a traveling festival of reportage literature (published by Absynt) Reporters in the front line. Moderated by Pavol Labuda.

Admission: FREE


20 Jul | Tue | 17.00 | Stanica


Puppets without borders: The magician Eňo Ňuňo [SK]

He's a little clumsy. A little awkward and a little funny, but he always, maybe by mistake, manages to conjure something. Maybe something he didn't even want himself ... A humorous cabaret piece for small and large audiences. For children from 3 years old and up. Length: 45 minutes. Played by Lukáš Bouzek.

Admission: 4 euros


20 Jul | Tue | 21.00 | Stanica

Summer cinema

Another round

There is a theory that we are born with a small amount of alcohol in the blood. This mild intoxication opens our minds to the world around us, reduces problems and increases creativity. Encouraged by this theory, Martin and his three friends, all tired high school teachers, embark on an experiment to maintain a moderate level of intoxication during the working day. If Churchill was able to win World War II, who knows what could cause them a few drops. The initial results are positive and this small teaching project is upgraded to real academic study. The results are improving and the group feels full of life again. However, when they overdo it, experiment for some continues and others are excluded from it. It is becoming increasingly clear that while alcohol has led to excellent results, some bold actions have their consequences.

Druk / Thomas Vinterberg / Denmark / 2020/ 112 min. / Danish, Swedish + Czech subtitles

Admission: 5 euros


21 Jul | Wed | 21.00 | Stanica

Summer cinema

The world's best ads with Peter Konečný

An evening during which you will not be annoyed to switch ads. The editor-in-chief of the kinema.sk portal returns after a long time of pandemic break (now vaccinated by Astra) with a short audiovisual genre - cinema and television advertising. He prepared it. You will have over 150 exceptional ads in the symbiosis of creativity and execution. In the fresh air under the Rondl, we will look at the world's most prized creatives, forbidden concepts, comparative provocations, the best viral and guerrilla videos and of course the funniest advertising campaigns. We will visit the advertising festival in Cannes and we will also evaluate current advertising news.

Admission: 7 euros


22 Jul | Thu | 19.00 | Stanica


Wczasy (PL) with Veneq + Lukáš Piala (SK)

Summer open air evening under the Rondl with a varied music program. Let's start with the blues and end with the funny Polish retro. We guarantee good fun.

Admission: 5 euros


27 Jul | Tue | 21.00 | Stanica

Summer cinema

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

In the ninth film by cult director Quentin Tarantino, the television actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his long-running stuntman (Brad Pitt) strive to achieve fame at the end of the 1969 Golden Age of Hollywood in Los Angeles. They also promise fame to a beautiful neighbor who is none other than actress Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie). Her husband, director Roman Polanski, is filming in Europe. But Sharon is soon murdered by a fanatical serial killer Charles Manson (Damon Herriman) and his "family". 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood / Quentin Tarantino / America / Great Britain / China / 2019/ 161 min. / English + Czech subtitles

Admission: 5 euros


29 Jul - 1 Aug | Nová synagóga, Stanica


Kiosk 2021

In the public, virtual, theater and gallery space, the Kiosk festival will present art that is multi-elemental, can survive a pandemic, a state of emergency, and nourish hunger after a live touch. A dramaturgically comprehensive view of the possibilities of contemporary theater and dance will offer over two dozen diverse performances, projects, plays, concerts and accompanying events that represent (really?) the ability of Slovak theater to survive and be necessary. More at kioskfestival.sk.

Admission: varies

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