September Program

17 Aug - 12 Sep | Nová synagóga


Simona Gottierová and Rastislav Podhorský whisper to Sphére

Almost until mid-September, the exhibition is still on, which, through the selection and juxtaposition of the works of two young visual artists Simona Gottierová (1991, Banská Bystrica) and Rastislav Podhorský (1990, Bratislava), directs us towards the perception of our own body in the space of the Nová synagóga. Curated by Juraj Gábor and Mappa editions (Jakub Juhás and Zoltán Czakó). Tomáš Janypka and Sabina Bočková.

Admission: 5 euros


1 - 30 Sep | Wed | 17.30 | Stanica


Yoga in the park

During Wednesdays in September there will be an opportunity to practice yoga in our park under the guidance of instructors from Žilina Shanti Centre. In any weather.

Admission: 6 euros


2 Sep | Thu | 17.00 | Nová synagóga

Gallery guided tour

Curatorial guided tour

By talking in detail about the nature of the individual works, the exhibition curator Simona Gottierová and Rastislav Podhorský will whisper to the Sphéra - Juraj Gábor, revealing the closeness of the relationship between the artists' work and the overall environment of the exhibition. He will talk about the desire to touch and about untouchability. About closeness, distance, empathy and respect for fragility.

Admission: 5 euros


4 Sep | Sat | 19.30 | Stanica


Young Office: Open Mic w/ Ditch the Fridge

A musical "jam session" on our new so-called YO garden stage. Organised by The Young Office (YO), a young branch of our organisation formed as part of the SPOTing / Trans Europe Halles project. More info on insta: @youngofficezilina.

Admission: donation-based


5 Sep | Sun | 10.00 | Stanica


Small market under Rondl

After a long time, we will meet again at our dear Small Market. This time we'll really try to make it small but welcoming. We will be welcoming market vendors from near and far who will be offering goods of all kinds. Book a whole day, there will be plenty to choose from and you won't go hungry or thirsty.

Admission: 1 euro


5 Sep | Sun | 20.00 | Stanica

Travel cinema

The Hippo in Kenya

"I'm a student who loves going to your travel cinemas at Stanica. This past February, I was able to go to Kenya with my father. Since it was an interesting country for my neighborhood, I was motivated by several people to see if I could do some presentations." Matej Grochal (Grochko) has written to us and will be presenting his photos and short videos with narration in his first (and possibly our last) open air sessions this year of travel cinema.

Admission: 5 euros


5 Sep onwards | Nová synagóga

Gallery education

In your own eyes

Starting in September, we're opening programs for schools again! Throughout the fall, we will be responding to pandemic developments and the related needs of students and educators. Should it not be possible to come to us in person, all programs can be delivered remotely as online guided exhibitions. Also, an occasional update on what's happening at the synagóga or what we're cranking out at Stanica will land in your mailbox. Not just because it's still pandemic, but mostly because we want to keep writing about what we love about art and artists, what we're discovering, and what we're currently excited about. The letter for Výtvarku na doma [Art at Home] (5/2021) is titled Roz-HRANIE. By reading it and walking through the space, we will practice our sensitivity and empathy for the works, plants, stones and people around us in the exhibition and out in the world. Contact for registration:

Admission: Upon registration


5 Sep onwards | Nová synagóga

Gallery guided tours


Visits in the form of an individual guided tour or workshop for a single visitor, couple or family. Throughout 2021, the space of the synagóga will be filled with Juraj Gabor's monumental installation Sphéra, and the current exhibition will be guided by one of its authors, the artist Simona Gottierová, who also lectures educational programmes for kindergartens, schools and also the adult public in the gallery's regular course. Contact for registration:

Admission: 5 euros


7 Sep | Tue | 17.00 & 20.00 | Stanica


Summer 85

The French coast at Normandy, summer 1985. The Cure, Bananarama and Rod Stewart are blasting from the radio. Sixteen-year-old Alexis meets the older, charismatic and mysterious David. A friendship begins, full of sea voyages, motorbike trips, sleepless nights, freedom and exploring the adult world. The experience quickly gathers momentum until everything takes a fatal turn and Alexis becomes the prime suspect in a police investigation... Director François Ozon returns to his roots - a masterfully told story that perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the mid-1980s. 

Été 85 / François Ozon / FR / 2020 / 100 min. / French + Czech subtitles 

Admission: 5 euros


8 Sep | Wed | 17.00 |  Nová synagóga


Rastislav Podhorský: Pathos-lightness

Rastislav Podhorsky's lecture, with a performative overlay, will be closely tied to the ongoing exhibition and the specific figurative, processual works and installations on display, situated around the Sphéra.

Admission: 5 euros


9 Sep | Thu | 19.00 | Stanica


Bees-R: Tied to the stake of the moment

A dance performance by choreographer and dancer Jana Terekova. Tied to the stake of the moment - this is how the philosopher F. Nietzsche described animals that, unlike humans, are stuck in the eternal present, without memory or the ability to foresee the future. Recently, however, ethologists, biologists, and neuroscientists have pointed out that animals are capable of projecting themselves in time and planning their actions. But are we capable of this too?


Admission: 7 euros


11 Sep - 16 Oct | Sat | 14.00 | Stanica

Young Office: Pivnica rave DJ Workshops

A six-week series of Saturday sessions for aspiring DJs. A collaboration between YO (The Young Office, a young branch of our organisation formed as part of the SPOTing / Trans Europe Halles project) and the Pivnica rave collective. More info on insta: @youngofficezilina.


Admission: donation-based


11 Sep | Sat | 20.00 | Stanica


Modré hory akustik

Bene, Lyrik, Roland Kánik and their guests Michal Šelep (bass) and Ľuboš "Ežo" Ambrozai (drums) had their premiere already at Pohoda 2019. They liked playing in this lineup so much that they decided not to leave it to just one gig. And we are glad that they will not miss Žilina with their new program. Enjoy the Modré hory akustik (open air under Rondl) session with us!


Admission: 9 euros


12 Sep | Sun | 15.00 |  Nová synagóga

Meeting in the exhibition

Workshop and final commentary

On the last day of the exhibition, we invite you to experience and interpret it through your own making. Together with its creator and our gallery education lecturer Simona Gottier, you can create alongside each other independently and equally - children, parents and parents of parents - all rediscovering the exhibition through your own palms before the three creators (Juraj Gábor, Simona Gottier and Rastislav Podhorský) engage in a dialogue with each other instead of the last comment at 5pm.

Admission: 5 euros


13 Sep onwards | Stanica


Children’s studios

During the school year, all afternoons from Monday to Thursday will be dedicated to "art workshops" under the guidance of Karolína Bašteková and Martina Mäsiarová. Contact for registration:

Admission: Upon registration


14 Sep | Tue | 17.00 & 20.00 | Stanica


On your marks!

Prague, July 2018. Fifteen thousand women and men of all generations come together in one place to practice spectacular mass choreography. They are all part of Sokol, a movement that was founded almost one hundred and sixty years ago to develop national awareness, cultural awareness and democratic values through gymnastics and its public presentation. Sokol became - and still is today - a synonym of community mutuality.

On your mark! / Mária Pinčíková / SK / 2021 / 79 min. /  Czech, Slovak


Admission: 5 euros


16 - 18 Sep | Sun | 13.00 |  Nová synagóga


Žilina Literary Festival

The 18th edition of the Žilina Literary Festival will be... LitSphéra. The largest literary event in Central Slovakia with a rich selection of accompanying events, organized by the civic association ZLF traditionally in cooperation with the Artforum bookshop in Žilina, the cultural centre Stanica Žilina-Záriečie and the city of Žilina. Detailed programme on

Admission: varies


17 Sep | Fri | 13.00 |  Nová synagóga

Theatre installation

Andrej Kurejčik: Voices of Revolution / premiere

Premiere of a work by the Belarusian artist who works with us during the summer and autumn. The result of his creative stay is the theatrical video-installation Voices of Revolution. The Spherá of Juraj Gabór serves as a stage on which authentic testimonies of the participants of the Belarusian Revolution are heard.

Admission: ----


19 Sep | Sun | 13.00 |  Nová synagóga

Theatre installation

Andrej Kurejčik: Voices of Revolution / derniéra

Premiere of a work by the Belarusian artist who works with us during the summer and autumn. The result of his creative stay is the theatrical video-installation Voices of Revolution. The Spherá of Juraj Gabór serves as a stage on which authentic testimonies of the participants of the Belarusian Revolution are heard.

Admission: 5 euros


20 - 30 Sep | Nová synagóga


Young Office: Naked Gallery

One of the many activities of the so-called YO (The Young Office, a young branch of our organisation created within the SPOTing / Trans Europe Halles project). The empty space of our residential sngg studio will be gradually filled by you, the visitors. More info on insta: @youngofficezilina.  

Admission: donation-based


21 Sep | Tue | 17.00 & 20.00 | Stanica


At Full Throttle

Determined fifty-something Jaroslav has two passions in life. Fast cars and his school sweetheart Jitka, who gave him back his hope and desire to move on after a messed up marriage. Jitka, the oldest female autocross driver in the Czech Republic, could hardly have found a better mechanic and coach than Jaroslav. He builds race cars for her over and over again from used cars and together they hope to win. The sporting competition is just a backdrop for the real "race of a lifetime", in which the couple has not yet been among the favourites. The frustrations and disillusionments of the past can thus take a surprising turn. Director Miro Remo comes up with a story from the Moravian-Slovakian border region, which is not lacking in drama or humour.

At Full Throttle / Miro Remo / SR, CR / 2021 / 95 min. / Slovak, Czech


Admission: 5 euros


22 Sep | Wed | 18.00 | Stanica


Night of Literature in Žilina 2021

The Night of Literature project brings contemporary European literature to the public in an unconventional way through a series of public readings. It was initiated by the Czech Centres of various European countries. It takes place in one evening in cities across Europe and in several cities in Slovakia. In Žilina it is organised in cooperation with the Artforum bookshop and this year it will be held at Stanica and in its vicinity.


Admission: FREE


22 - 26 Sep | Nová synagóga


25 trees (Sphéra of Bonsai)

Juraj Gábor's monumental work Completing the Sphéra in the Nová synagóga also appealed to the representatives of "bonsai art" and they proposed an exhibition of 25 selected trees from the private collections of their growers. We decided to include it in our program.

Admission: 5 euros


28 Sep | Tue | 17.00 & 20.00 | Nová synagóga


Lynne Siefert: Ark

Ark (a film by American director Lynne Siefert) is about decadence and illusion. Part travelogue, part philosophical meditation. It takes place in the near future, in a post-apocalyptic world. It combines eerie surrealist imagery with the bizarre musings of anonymous passengers aboard an ocean liner at the end of the world. This is the first-ever screening of this film in Slovakia.

Admission: 5 euros


30 Sep | Thu | 19.00 | Stanica [CANCELED]


Med a prach: outside the box 01

The stage work by the duo of authors Andrej Kalinka and Milan Kozánek is inspired by the research and personal legacy of Abbot Gregor Johann Mendel, the founder of the field of genetics and discoverer of the basic laws of heredity. Outside the box 01 is the opening project of a series of performative works planned by the authors, dedicated to the border between scientific and artistic exploration of the world. Instead of a biographical perspective, the work offers an encounter with an extraordinary legacy of scientific thought unconstrained by the assumptions of the time.


Admission: 8 euros


1 Oct | Fri | 19.00 | Stanica


Lento Ad Astra with Myši na poli

For the first evening in October we have prepared an unusual "double concert" of groups that in their programmes return to the references of the past in an interesting way. The first to perform will be the Bratislava duo Lento Ad Astra, who will return to the Baroque in the untypical line-up of saxophone and piano with the programme Playing Chess with Mr. Bach. This will be followed by an audiovisual performance or a hybrid concert Brothers K (Part I) by the Banská Bystrica group Myši na poli, which is fascinated by the motifs of the novel The Brothers Karamazov by F. M. Dostoyevsky.


Admission: 7 euros


2 Oct | Sat | 10.00 - 22.00 | Stanica


Young Office: Kinesis Art Fest

The YO (The Young Office, a young branch of our organisation formed as part of the SPOTing / Trans Europe Halles project) is organizing a 1-day festival for the youth in Žilina. This will be a multi-media festival focused on the young creatives of the city and nearby region. Interested: follow them on IG to know more @youngofficezilina. 


Admission: donation-based

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