February program


in New Synagogue: 


18. 1. – 19. 3. 


Len Sphéra 

For the last two months of Sphere’s presence in Synagogue, we will leave it empty. Even though we are preparing smaller events (concerts, readings, happenings) - no exhibition will fill it. It by itself is an exhibition. Come and enjoy it totally empty and clean. Get lost in the vast forest of its support beams, come inside, lay down and stare at the six-starred heaven, climb onto it’s walkway and visually observe its proportions. We are open from Tuesday do Sunday, from 13:00 to 19:00.


21. 1. – 30. 6. 

gallery lecturing

Jeden na jedného

In this walk through the gallery, artist Simona Gottierová will react directly to you, and therefore your visit can have various forms: from listening to dialogue and also creating material with your own hands. Children welcome! Individual commentated tours or creative workshops take place in the work days, from 8:00 to 19:00. Call in advance, email: simona@novasynagoga.sk, mob.: 0918104294


24. 1. – 31. 3. 

gallery education

Na vlastné oči 

Even during the pandemic, our artistic education programs for schools are still open! We consider it important to let kids experience art even in these difficult conditions. In case you can’t visit us personally in the gallery, our programs are available online - lecturer Simona Gottierová will discuss the details of the visit or presentation depending on your needs. 

Email: simona@novasynagoga. sk, mob.: 0918104294. 



Slávka kreslí pre Synagógu 

Slavomíra Ondrušová is an artist we have cooperated with many times. This time, we invited her to a team that develops tools for a more playful form of approaching the history of New Synagogue aswell as current visual art. Slávka will illustrate children panels and booklet.


Thursday 17. 2. | 19:00 


Invisible World 

This unique jazz project is a unique event in the Czech music scene. He is a holder of the Anděl award for the best jazz album and as the first band in czech history got into the selection of the biggest World Music conference WOMEX 2018. We invite you to see him in our cafe! 

www.novasynagoga.sk / www.stanica.sk


Sunday 20. 2. | 17:00 

author reading

Mila Haugová prináša básne do Sphéry 

V roku 2021 vyšla vo vydavateľstve Skalná ruža zbierka Z rastlinstva, z ktorej bude vo Sphére sama autorka – Mila  Haugová – čítať verše. 

The Skalná ruža publishing released a collection “Z rastlinstva”, which the author herself - Mila Haugová will read some of her verses.



at Stanica Žilina-Záriečie: 


Tuesday 1. 2. | 17:00 a 20:00 



(SCANDI 2022 - Nordic films festival) 

Amin Nawabi (pseudonym), 36 year old recognized acadenic is fighting a painful secret, which he has been giding for 20 years. He’s afraid it could destroy his life which he build for himself and his future husband. He will share his story with the director Jonas Poher Rasmussen, who is his close friend and schoolmate from high school.

Denmark / France / Sweden / Norway / USA / Slovenia / Estonia / Spain / Italy / Finland, 2021, 93 min Director: Jonas Poher Rasmussen 


Thursday 3. 2. | 19:00 

Dance performance 

Charlie Brittain & Milan Tomášik: UNCHANGING / NEMENNÝ 

Second premiere of this dance performance by the dancer Milan Tomášik and choreographer Charlie Brittain.

The performance is a restricted expression of endless reality, extrapolation of spirituality and quantum physics, existence and consciousness. The introduction of the performance is preceeded by residency of a collective of creators, which we will host from the 29th of January.


Saturday 5. 2. | 19:00 


Shallov + The Wilderness 

Both bands planned a Slovak club tour and won’t miss Žilina. This double koncert in Stanica will be their collective premiere which was supposed to take place at the end of last year, but didn’t because of pandemic precautions. Prepare for a whirlwind!


Tuesday 8. 2. | 17:00 a 20:00 



(SCANDI 2022 - Nordic films festival) 

Helsinki 1945. The end of the war brings painter Tove Jansson a new feeling of artistic and collective freedom. 

Even though she focuses her artistic ambitions on painting, the charming tales of Moomin characters which she told to frightened children in air raid shelters start to come alive and bring worldwide attention and financial freedom.

Biography / Drama, Finland, 2020, 116 min 

Director: Zaida Bergroth 


Friday 11. 2. | 20:00 


FVLCRVM + NaiKavols 

Great combo for fans of electronic music in one night. Seasoned produced, DJ and multiinstrumentalist and singer FVLCRVM, who will be preceeded by ethereal queer singer, song writer, perfomer and procudent NaiKavols, performing on the independent scene since 2018.


Saturday 12. 2. | 15:00 a 17:00 

for kids

Divadlo Trieska: Hanička bez rúk 

A story about how quickly human’s life can change when he donates a fistful of flour. About how everything bad serves a purpose. About people good and bad. But mainly about love which beats everything bad. This production is a solo output of one actor and eight wooden dolls. The wood comes to life in a less known ballad fairytale, which was wrirten by Samuel Czambel. The performance is appropriate for young people from age 6 to grown ups, but mainly for everyone with open eyes and ears. Starring Lukáš Tandara.


Sunday 13. 2. | od 10:00 


Be Lenka na Stanici 

 A continuation of a sucessful community bazaar of Be Lenka barefoot shoes. We care about what happens to our planet, which is why second grade shoes from this years winter collection aren’t turned to waste, but we want to find them a new home and give them a second chance. A unique opportunity how to obtain your first barefoot shoes for half the price.


Sunday 13. 2. | 16:00 


Workshop linorytu 

How about creating your own graphic, shirt print, postcard or stamp? Graphic technique of linocutting offers all of this and lots more! We will dedicate a sunday afternoon in our Stanica ateliér to it. Organized by YO, the capacity is limited, reserve your spot in advance at youngofficezilina@gmail.com


Tuesday 15. 2. | 17:00 a 20:00 


Quo Vadis, Aida? 

Bosna, july 1995. Serbian army is approaching Srebernica, which is declared a “safe zone” by the OSN. Tens of thousands of people are fleeing from their homes to the nearby OSN base. Translator Aida working for the OSN knows the situation on the base and out of it very well. She desperately fights with elapsing time to try and find a way out of the incoming hell aiming for the city inhabitants and her loved ones.

Bosna a Hercegovina / Austria / Rumania / Netherlands / Germany / Poland / France / Norway / Turkey,  2020, 101 min 

Director: Jasmila Žbanić 


Thursday 17. 2. | 19:00 


Večer najlepších filmov a seriálov roka 2021 

The year 2021 was laden with the pandemic, but now it’s clear that it brought extraordinary works in the field of world cinematohraphy and serial television production. During this film evening with Peter Konečný, we will introduce you to the best of the modern perception of the audiovisual art.


Friday 18. 2. | 19:00 

multimedia performance

Odivo: Svetlonos 

The more I try to find light in the darkness, the more I feel I am the darkness itself. Looking for light which has perished or was lost for a while from our sight is a multicultural and clear imagery. Where does light end and darkness being? Where does fear end and fascination begin? Where there’s darkness, there must be light.


Saturday 19. 2. | 16:00 

for kids

Divadlo Houže: Vlk na Mesiaci 

Our main character - Wolf, is possesed by the desire to get to the moon. He leaves his pack and leaves for an unknown path. On the way, he meets various weird creatures, remindimg him of the Red riding hood and Kozliatka. Due to past success, we are bringing back this puppet performance. Starring Rado Konečný/ Lukáš Takáč and Matej Truban.


Tuesday 22. 2. | 17:00 a 20:00 



Bratislava is a city of bold lines. Stereotypes and manuals for communication of its inhabitants of the postsocialistic metropolis. Daily search of the right movement in its intimate and public spaces. Urban essay about solitude of an urban man, visually inspired by slovak conceptual art and photography.

Slovakia, 2021, 80 min 

Director: Barbora Sliepková 


26. 2. – 27. 2. 


Workshop štúdiového nahrávania a mixáže hudby 

Intense weekend course with the musician and producent Brian Baják, who is dedicated to professional studio production since 2009. He is operates a small recording studio since 2017 and has produced music for over a 100 bands ranging in different genres. Kontakt: brian.guitarist@gmail.com


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