APRIL 2022  

in New Synagogue:

1. 4. – 15. 5.


Justice Construction. “Whichever direction you turn away from, or to, turns into a battlefield”.

This site-specific installation by Lucie Nimcová and David Petráš in the environment of the Sphéra architecture in the New Synagogue, at the time of dismantling this construction, was based on audio and video recordings of natural construction activity of recent years in Ethiopian city of Addis Ababa ... The exhibition will be open from 1.04. - starting at 13:00. A part of the opening day is going to include live sound performance by Lucia Nimcová and David Petráš as a procession through the city of Žilina (5 pm - 7 pm), having its start and ending at our New Synagogue. At 7 pm, author's and curator's guided tour will begin with an exhibition with a free discussion. Another accompanying program in a form of the guided tours: Wednesday 20th of April 2022 at 5:00 pm with the artist David Petráš and on the last day of the exhibition on Sunday 15th of May 2022, also at 5:00 pm with a curator of the exhibition being Mira Keratová.


1. 4. – 7. 5.


Dominik Hlinka - deconstructing the Sphere

The monthly artistic stay will also make the painter one of the assistants in dismantling the wooden structure of the Sphere. At the end, we will present his most recent works for the day with piles of material in the courtyard behind the New Synagoge being ready for transport. Residence curator: Juraj Gábor.


21. 1. – 30. 6.

tour through the gallery 

One on one

Individual exhibition tour and creative workshops guided by the artist Simona Gottierová. Order In advance by phone - 0918 104 294 or by e-mail - simona@novasynagoga.sk. 


4. 4.  – 30. 6.

educational session about the gallery

See It with your own eyes

We’re Inviting teachers and students of all kinds of school to discover exhibitions and the space of the New synagogue in order to introduce yourself to contemporary art and architecture, experience new ways of perception and thinking and get to try working In different ways for further creative expansion In their classes. Order from Simona Gottierová through e-mail - simona@novasynagoga.sk or by phone - 0918 104 294


8.4. – 18.4.


Slávka drew for the Synagogue II.

Continuation of the residence of the visual artist Slavomíra Ondrušová, which will result into illustrating of children's panels. History of the New synagogue and  making of a notebook about contemporary art.


Wednesday 13. 4., at 20:00


Triple Jump

The new multi-genre project with three top musicians and producers: Michal Bugala, David Hodek and Richard Csina. In addition to instrumental performances, they supplement these energetic performances with vocal expressions or rapping. We’d  like to invite you to other line-ups of jazz concerts all initiated by Jakub Kaprál.


Wednesday 27. 4., at 17:00

Presentation with a discussion 

AHA, TU SI: s umením v Synagóge

For all  art and gallery enthusiasts  and professionals in the field, an artist and a lecturer Simona Gottierová will talk about what has happened within this field in our country in the recent years and what’s happening now


Friday 29. 4., at 10:00


LAND (art) Training

Are you interested in combing art with nature? Is art In the country improving? During the one-day conference you’ll be able to meet 30 foreign experts in land art. In the suburb area of Zilina they are going to hold a discussion about various approaches to creative work 



Thursday 20. 5., at 19:00


Nils Henrik Asheim and Iva Bittová: Angrusori live



April 2022  

at Stanica Žilina-Záriečie: 


Friday 1. 4., at 18:00

traveling cinema 

On the road: Solo world traveling and the Magic island

The traveling festival ‘Cestou necestou’ Is going to visit  Žilina again and set place at the Stanica. Get inspired by the great Miladka and her adventurous solo trips around the world (at 18:00) and visit the Magical island with a photographer Gabo.


Saturday 2. 4., at 10:00


Small market for Ukraine

We happened to read somewhere that in order to be a good christian It really isn’t enough just to go to church and live your life. During this year’s Lent when christians pray over the suffering of Christ, we cannot overlook the suffering of our Ukrainian neighbors. That Is why we dedicate our yearly Little market to them. To be more specific, to the Ukrainian community here In Žilina.


Saturday 2. 4., at 15:00 and 17:00

theater for children

Carp on stage: Ugly duckling 

It doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from - what truly matters, Is what’s In your heart. An entertaining and Informative fairytale for children (ages from 3 years old) loosely Inspired by the well-known story H. Ch. Andersen, about a duckling that was different from his siblings. Performed by Michaela Pastorková and Lukáš Tandara.


Tuesday 5. 4., at 17:00 and  20:00


C'mon C'mon

After a series of unexpected events, radio reporter named Johnny finds himself In a role of a guardian of his nephew. The pair embarks on a journey across the United States. An extraordinary friendship is born between New York and New Orleans that’s going to affect both of them for life.

USA, 2021, 109 min.

Directed by: Mike Mills


Wednesday 6. 4., at 17:00

dance performance

Soňa Kúdeľová: Autonomy

The solo visual dance/movement performance Is a collective work In which the authors deal with the issue of autonomy In a context of creative work, opposed to their subconscious fears and external influences In their creations. Autonomy is a culmination of solo dance performances 'Autopilot' and 'Autocorrect', in which Soňa Kúdeľová opens up about a confrontation with minor conflicts in her life.


Thursday 7. 4., at 19:00

dance perfomance 

Soňa Kúdeľová: Autocorrect

Author's solo dance performance, inspired by the algorithm of automatic text correction, as well as the consequences of its use and functionality in our everyday life. In the game of multitasking, where autocorrect is an instrument of identity, we observe the uncontrolled and, conversely, controlled body of the performer on the border between the creative process and the speed of everyday life. The performance is a free continuation of the author's previous solo Autopilot.


Friday 8. 4., at 20:00


Katarzia n5: Žilina

After several interruptions and shifts, it finally succeeds. Katarzia will present their new program in our country and It will be accompanied by an annotation: 'Those who are afraid to enter the darkness stand in the light. 'Album 'n5' is an introspective look at the experienced feelings of the past two years. Along with the record release, there was created another electronic concert with current producers of the Czech and Slovak club scene and light, that are based on combining anxiety of the time and the aesthetics of rave parties and theater.


Tuesday 12. 4., at 17:00 and 20:00


The worst man In the world

Julie, who is in her early thirties, is still looking for her place in the world and she experiments, while her older friend Aksel wants to settle down and start a new phase In her life. Things get complicated when curious Julia breaks into a party where she meets a young and charming Eivind.

Norway, 2021, 129 min.

Directed by: Joachim Trier


Tuesday 19. 4., at 17:00 and 20:00



The film starts by opening  two worlds in front of us, completely different and yet intrinsically interconnected. The first one is a Japanese village in which a shy and clumsy Suzu experiences her relentless grief over the death of her mother, who deprived her of the ability to sing and isolated her from her father. The second one Is a virtual world called "U" which anyone can enter, start again and (perhaps) make changes to It. And that's where Suzu turns into Belle, finds her voice again and becomes a star thanks to her songs full of the most sincere feelings.

Japan, 2021, 122 min.

Directed by: Mamoru Hosoda


Wednseday 20. 4., at 19:00

traveling cinema

Whiskey travel cinema: Central Asia

 The vacant areas of untouched Kyrgyz nature beneath the white ridges of Tishan, inhabited only by seasonal shepherds who drink mare's milk in their remote yurts. The legendary Pamir Highway, one of the most beautiful alpine roads in the world being 1522 km leads from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan through saddles and 4655 m above sea level, under the 7,000-meter Pamir and Hindu Kush and the Vachan corridor around the beautiful Afghan border, where heroes travel every year. The second largest mountain lake in the world, Issyk-Kul, or the incredibly remote Soviet ghost town Inylček under a glacier of the same name. In all probability the most beautiful cities of the Silk Road, Samarkand and Bukhara in Uzbekistan having incredible historical architecture. With a contrast being poor Kyrgyz towns, where time stood still in Soviet Stalinism, but at the same time having vibrant colorful authentic Asian bazaars and huge cattle markets. This topic is also going to be discussed at the next sequel to Whiskey Travel Cinema.


Friday 22. 4., at 20:00


Billy Barman: Z E R O TOUR 22

The band consisting of Jozef Vrábel and Juraj Podmanický embarks on a tour In Slovakia after 4 long years. The songs from the another album 'Zlatý vek' and the brand new single 'Zero' will also be presented in Žilina.


Tuesday 26. 4., at 17:00 and 20:00


Intense life unit

Doctors Ondrej and Katarína often touch on the 'untouched' subjects in their work. In the documentary by Adéla Komrzý, the pioneers of hospital palliative therapy open up about topics that have essentially disappeared from our lives. In the field of robotic medicine and deified white coats oriented to the disease as such, man returns to paying attention to these topics.

Czechia, 2021, 76 min. Directed by: Adéla Komrzý


Thursday 28. 4., at 18:00

traveling cinema

Expedition Camera 2022 - a festival of travel and adventure films

With the march screening being sold out, we've decided to repeat the event in April. The descent of the highest waterfalls in the world in Barabáš's film Salto is king, kayaking in Angola, a story about finding courage during Lenka Vacvalova's run from Dukla to Devín, Mar Holečka's first ascent in Peru, kayaking in Africa, cycling in Canada and a 1000-mile Adventure race. Six exceptional documentaries in one evening that brings the 12th year of the festival to cities of Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Friday 29. 4., 20:00


Edgar´s Hair & Flying Moon In Space

Two bands in one evening. Edgar's Hair and their crunchy, spherical and organic pieces reminiscent of Soft Machine and King Crimson. Together with Flying Moon in Space - a seven-member band from Leipzig, Germany, that is based on live improvisations (and is known to last for hours). A mix of live psychedelic pop, techno and electronic music


Saturday 30. 4., at 16:00

children’s theater

Odivo: About a wolf who fell out of a book 

A fairytale with live music telling a story about the desire to belong somewhere. Have you ever dropped a wolf from your favorite book? It is a great inconvenience. The lost man wanders between the lines, wanders into the wilderness and prehistoric times to the dinosaurs, knocks on the gates of the seven kids, and hits the wolf clamp. How many letters and illustrations need to be skipped and how many wolf pieces to experience to find your home? Recommended age - 4/5 year old. Performed by Mária Danadová, Filip Hajduk and Lukáš Kubičina.




21. – 22. 5.


Slam Poetry

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