MAY 2022

the New Synagogue:


1. 4. – 15. 5.


Justice Construction. “Whichever direction you turn away from, or to, turns into a battlefield”.

The site-specific installation by Lucie Nimcová and David Petráš in the environment of the Sphéra architecture in the New Synagogue and at the time of dismantling this construction was based on audio and video recordings of natural construction activity in recent years in the Ethiopian city of Addis Ababa ... from 1.4. starting at 13:00. Part of the opening day is a live sound performance by Lucie Nimcová and David Petráš as a procession through the city of Žilina (5 pm - 7 pm) with a beginning and an end at our New Synagogue. At 7 pm, the author's and curator's guided tour will begin with an exhibition combined with a free discussion. Another accompanying program in the form of guided tours: Wednesday on April 20th 2022 at 5:00 pm with the artist David Petráš and on the last day of the exhibition on Sunday, May 15th 2022, at 5:00 pm with the curator of the exhibition being Mira Keratová.


1. 4. – 7. 5.


Dominik Hlinka deconstructs the Sphere

The ‘monthly artistic stay’ will also make the painter one of the assistants in dismantling the wooden structure of the Sphere. At the end, we will present his newly created works with loaded piles of material in the courtyard behind the New Synagogue, ready to be transported. Residence curator: Juraj Gábor.


saturday 7. 5., at 1 pm


Dominik Hlinka deconstructed the Sphere

One-day situational exhibition marking the end of the artistic residential stay. Painter Dominik Hlinka works with the situation of  the ‘disappearance’ of the Sphere and it being a requirement for the manipulation and reorganization of the material. His main interest is the load-bearing wooden structure (that defines and supports the dominant hemisphere) and the gradual dismantling of the complexity of its joints and bonds.


saturday 7. 5., at 5 pm



After the process of dismantling of the wooden structure and the finale of the Sphera story in the New Synagogue, there is an opportunity for us to meet. All those who have created and supplemented the work for past seventeen months together with people who followed this creative endeavour alongside us. We can talk, dance, eat, drink, recall, imagine and enjoy our time together.


29. 4. – 12. 5.


Slávka draws for Synagogue III.

The third continuation of the residence of the visual artist Slavomíra Ondrušová, which will result in illustrating of children's panels with the main subject being history of the New Synagogue alongside the creation of a notebook presenting contemporary art.


friday 13. 5., at 9:30 pm


Bábková Žilina 2022: Bratia Geišbergovci

We present a concert at the Bábková Žilina 2022 festival (May 13 - 15), which is organized by the Žilina Puppet Theater. Martin Geišberg has been known to the audience for many years as a songwriter and performer of original songs. Together with his brother Marek, the actor and the playwrighter they form the Geišberg family group. Their performance consists of magical yet realisticly spirited poems accompanied by poetic music.


saturday 14. 5., at 9:30 pm


Bábková Žilina 2022: Orchester Jeana Valjeana

We present the concert at the Bábková Žilina 2022 festival (May 13 - 15), which Is organized by the Žilina Puppet Theater. The Jean Valjean Orchestra was founded in 2006 by Daniel Fischer with his classmates from the conservatory. The project started out purely as an acting band, but over the years its premise and contexts has changed and today it consists of three actors and two musicians. The band combines different genres - funk, disco and pop.


16. 5. – 9. 6.


Kristína Kandriková

We chose the painter on the basis of an ‘open call’ and you will have the opportunity not only to meet her with us, but also to have a glance at her creative process. During her residence, the synagogue will be transformed into an art studio filled with coloured light, glow, reflections and air. The author will use the residency to experiment with paintings of large format.


friday 20. 5., at 8:00 pm


ANGRUSORI s Ivou Bittovou

The Slovak-Norwegian orchestra Angrusori released their debut album Live at Tou on Hudson Records in May of 2021. it combines traditional Romani songs and contemporary  experimental music. They Immediately earned recognition in the foreign press and won the Radio Head Awards in Slovakia in the World Music / Folk category. We are looking forward to hosting the Angrusori on their Bratislava - Žilina – Košice tour.


21. 1. – 30. 6.

gallery tour

One on one

Individual tours through exhibitions and creative workshops led by the artist Simona Gottierová. Order in advance by phone - 0918 104 294 or by email at


4. 4.  – 30. 6.

gallery tour

See It with your own eyes

We invite teachers and students of all kinds of schools to discover exhibitions and the space of the New Synagogue in order to get to know contemporary art and architecture personally, experience new ways of perceiving and thinking and also to try new ways of working that they can attempt and potentially expand in their classes. You can order these tours from Simona Gottierová by email at or by phone - 0918 104 294.


MAY 2022

Stanica Žilina-Záriečie:

tuesday 3. 5., at 5:00 and 8:00 pm


Across the border (Cez hranicu)

A feature-length animated film following a dramatic journey of Kyona and her brother Adriel, who are fleeing persecution from an unidentified Eastern European country.

French / German/ Czech, 2021, 80 min 

Directed by: Florence Miailhe


wednesday 4. 5., at 6:00 pm


With soldiers about the war (S vojakmi o vojne)

Russia's war against Ukraine shocked the entire democratic world. Many experts and politicians have failed to approximate that it could actually be happening. We are gradually getting used to the new reality of the war in our immediate surroundings. General public creates ideas about the course of the war in the informational fields, which are often obscured by objectiveness and war propaganda. We organized this discussion for the reason that wars are best understood by soldiers themselves. They understand the importance of various technical, geographical, tactical and strategic aspects in war development much more clear. Invited guests: Lieutenant General Pavel Macko, Lieutenant Colonel Štefan Zemanovič, Major Mário Pažický. Moderated by Fedor Blaščák.


thursday 5. 5., at 8:00 pm



Explosive noise-rock band from Brno characterized by their raw and energetic performances. Vendula (bass, vocals) and Peter (drums) together form a rhythmic section, which goes hand in hand with Antonín's (guitar, vocals) loud but minimalistic guitar playing. All of this being complemented by expressive singing that deals with the ubiquitous problems of life in late capitalism.


tuesday 10. 5., 8:00 pm


Džumelec: Educational concert ( musical lecture) (Výchovný koncert (prednáškový muzikál))

The most spectacular lecture by a visual artist Erik Sikora (winner of the Oscar Čepan Award In 2019) will break down the ritual of the concert into vain pieces and subject each part to a collective wonder. A new musical style will be created and codification of a new rhythmic advantage in Slovak language. After, it will turn into a concert with the most professional experts invited: all-around and the almighty self-taught Raptor Koch and ZUŠ teacher and the most passionate guitarist Lukáš Valkučák. The ceremonial transmission of a new rhythm and maximalist matter of context will be taken over and tried out by Džumelec's 15-year-old daughter.


thursday 12. 5., at 8:00 pm



The new experimental band Srnka came up with their own musical genre - dark forest industrial and from the very beginning in their artistic orientation and starting points it is clear that Srnka is a reflection of the past with a harbinger of a difficult future, but at the same time a cheerful psychedelia of the present. The band consists of Michaela Pašteková (singer), Miroslav Tóth (composer and electronic player, Marek Buranovský (guitarist) and Zdeněk Závodný (saxophonist).


saturday 14. 5., at 3:30 pm

theater for kids

Bábková Žilina 2022: Home Island (Ostrov domov)

We present the performance at the Bábková Žilina 2022 festival (May 13 - 15), which Is organized by the Žilina Puppet Theater. Home Island is a small dreamy performance with principles of object and shadow theater. It consists of short stories about different types of trips and finding a home, each with its own unique visual interpretation. At the end of the performance, spectators are invited to examine objects and instruments as the stage turns into a small ‘cabinet of curiosities’. Suitable for all ages. The show mostly takes place in the dark. Author, production and starring: Katanari


tuesday 17. 5., at 5:00 and 8:00 pm


Little mom (Malá mama)

Nelly is eight years old and has just lost her grandmother. She leaves with her parents to an empty orphanage that belongs to her mother Mario. The adventures this girl experiences there have a magical scent of nostalgia. After the famous film ‘Portrait of a lady on fire’, director Céline Sciamma decided to make a very personal, small yet big film, with a pinch of magical realism.

France, 2021, 72 min 

Directed by: Céline Sciamma


21. 5. – 22. 5., both days at 10:00 am


Malá scéna - Slam poetry

Do you enjoy poetry, rap, improvisation, theater or any other form of author's text? Would you like to go to a market and try performing in front of an audience? Are you not afraid of direct judgement and do you enjoy competing in a friendly way? Then Slam Poetry might be your genre of choice! Slam poetry SK brings us an intensive weekend workshop with the Slovak champion in Slam poetry of 2021 - MARA and the reincarnator of the slam scene STRAK.


saturday 21. 5., at 10:00 pm


Spacer + Matwe + SJ yellow

We invite all fans of the club scene to a late evening dancing that’s going to continue up to early morning.


tuesday 24. 5., 5:00 and 8:00 pm


One the road (Na ceste)

We do not choose our family and the country where we are born… At first glance, this seems like an ordinary family trip. An annoyed father whose leg’s in a cast, an older son that drives awkwardly, a younger one who tirelessly takes care of the fuss, and a mother trying to balance out all those different energies. Except they way things appear is often deceptive.

Iran, 2021, 93 min 

Directed by: Panah Panahi


thursday 26. 5., 8:00 pm


An evening of the best horror films with Petr Konečný (Večer najsilnejších hororových filmov s Petrom Konečným)

Experience the real horror when films won't let you sleep… Mysterious sounds coming from all of the corners. No one’s going to feel safe. This evening will belong to the strongest films of the horror gengre. Come and "stay" with the editor-in-chief of the portal, Peter Konečný. And maybe you will also discover your nightmares…


tuesday 31. 5., 5:00 and 8:00 pm


Paris, 13th district (Paríž, 13. obvod)

Three young women and one man. Their lives intersect for a while in Les Olympiades, Paris's 13th district. The eloquent and cheeky Émilie works in a call center and earns money by renting a free room that he has. He establishes an intimate relationship with a new attractive tenant named Camille. But he is attracted to the invincible Nora, who spends her nights video calling with camgirl Amber.

France, 2021, 105 min

Directed by: Jacques Audiard

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